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How do you change a crazy rolling crawling baby diaper?

How do you change the diaper when they are rolling and trying to crawl away the entire time? It's like a wrestling match and it's horrible when he poops and keeps trying to roll over when I'm trying to wipe it. Any tips?
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Re: How do you change a crazy rolling crawling baby diaper?

  • We are sooooo struggling with this right now. I usually give him my cell phone because he is always wanting to grab it but we never let him play with them so he is usually pretty thrilled to get to hold it while we change the diapers!
  • Let me know when you find out! We fight it every time!

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  • Whenever possible, we change her on the change table upstairs in her room. We have a bucket of toys that sit on the change table that she can only play with during diaper changes. When we get up to the change table, she knows to grab on...she lays down and plays with it.  When we are done, I put it back in the bucket, and she waves goodbye to it.

    If we are out and we can't do that, there are 2 songs that we sing - Head and Shoulders and Peanut Butter Sandwich. That seems to hold her attention long enough.
  • Great ideas. I'll try them! Anything will help.
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  • Oh my gosh! My little guy is a maniac during diaper changes!  I'll be following this conversation for solutions!
  • I give bbg something to play with like my necklace or some other random object she doesn't usually get to play with.
    If we're on the go, I let her play with the package of wipes cuz of the crinkle sound.
  • Giving him a toy or my phone seems to work. Today in a pinch (no toys or phone in reach) I did a beat box rap while diaper changing. Baby was so entertained he let me change his diaper easily!
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  • When DS1 was in this stage, I'd change him on the floor and put one of my legs over him to hold him in place.
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  • My kiddo loves Mickey mouse clubhouse, especially the hot dog song. I have it on YouTube on my phone as well as recorded on my tv. When that song plays he stops whatever he's doing to watch! Lifesaver for the diaper struggles.
  • It's like trying to herd cats when they do that.

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  • We have been in this stage for a few months. I keep toys on the changing table & put 2 on his chest as soon as I lay him down. I also playfully get really close to his face and sing silly songs for a couple of seconds to distract from the toys. Then he is more interested in the toys by the time a raise up he wants to see what he has. He like clacking toys together with both hands. He is also easily distracted by crinkly wipes packages. He luuvs his toiletries so I keep unopened trial sizes underneath as well. GL!
  • My daughter is in that stage right now. It is like I am torturing her the sounds that come out of her mouth.
    I try to distract her with toys, I will have to try the cell phone, she is obsessed with our phones too, maybe then I will be able to change her in peace just once. And maybe change her for bedtime too, get all of those dang snaps on the jammies snapped.
    Who ever made snapped on jammies thought it was a good idea did not have a baby that did not stay still while changing. It is a major challenge to change my daughter at night. For now on it is zippers all the way for jammies, no more snaps!!
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  • Ha ha I'm so glad I'm not the only one goin through this same thing! We give my son a toy, a phone or I sing to him when we change him. Singing works great with my son because he likes the way my voice changes pitches and he stops being a squirmy worm when I do this
  • I have nicknamed DS "BOSS", short for Bag of Squirmy Snakes because diaper and wardrobe changes are like wrestling with a bag of snakes. And trying to do it while 6 months pregnant- they should make it into an olympic sport I tell ya! I try to give him a toy to distract him, sometimes it works, other times not.
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