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Ergo w/ Receiving Blanket

So I know that newborns can be worn in an ergo without the insert if you roll up a receiving blanket to put under their bum, but I've never seen it done or tried it. I'd like to try with my new LO, and I have some questions for our resident babywearing experts. ;)

How big does baby need to be to start this? Can I put my 6.5lb, 2-wk-old peanut in the ergo?

Do I froggy his legs inside the ergo, above the blanket, or do I put him in with his legs out?

Does anyone have any photos or videos or tutorials they could share? I googled and saw a YouTube video, but the baby was much older and bigger than my LO. I have a ring sling but it's been hit or miss with getting it on right and feeling confident, so I thought I'd give my ergo a try. Thanks!!

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    My DD was also teeny, and I found I couldn't really use the ergo with her until she was closer to 7.5/8lbs with just the blanket, and even with the insert she was totally dwarfed by it until she was closer to 7lbs (which for us was basically forever, so YMMV). I wound up using a wrap or ring sling at the beginning, because she felt a lot more secure in it, and in the ergo there was no way to keep her head in a safe position when she was that little.

    ETA: congratulations! (Clearly haven't had my coffee yet!)
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  • Lurking to say Congratulations! So happy for you!
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  • Thanks, @kitchencolors! That picture is very helpful.

    I've tried a couple times and DS doesn't seem to like it. He sits straighter in the ergo than in the ring sling, in which he's kind of curled. In the ring sling, he comfily rests his head sideways on my chest, and in the ergo, he raises his head and has his eyes wide open...maybe he feels less secure?

    Thanks, all, for your congratulations! I'm loving this boy, and watching DS1 love his little brother is such an amazing experience. Still adjusting to life with two, though! :P
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