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opinion on mixing breast milk and formula

LO was getting pumped breast milk only and now I started to mix formula.  Is it ok to have them mixed together? 
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Re: opinion on mixing breast milk and formula

  • My LC explained that they don't recommend it simply because it could waste precious breast milk. She said, once in the belly, they mix anyway so mixing them before is no big deal...but formula goes bad in an hour at room temp whereas breast milk is good for 6 hr at room temp so if you mix them and baby doesn't drink the whole bottle, you'll have to toss it in an hour instead of 6. Tossing breast milk is a tragedy (at least for me)!!!
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  • Thanks for that information.  I will be going back to work, so started to transition her to see how she would do with formula.  Plus, for some reason, my one brst has never pumped nearly as much as the other even though I pump it longer.  So basically, I guess I'll be supplementing and wondered what's the best way to give formula and bm.  Thanks again
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  • Once the bottle goes in the mouth, it should only be out an hour whether formula or momma's milk. You can either mix or do every other feeds. My pediatrician suggested either and asked which I wanted to do.
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