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wont sleep in pack n play

My baby is only 12 days old.. I'm trying to have him sleep in the mini pack n play next to my bed at night but he doesn't sleep well in it. He wakes up a lot during the night when in it. For the last couple nights I have let him sleep in bed next to me so I can actually get some sleep and he sleeps great next to me. Not sure what to do, don't want him getting used to sleeping in bed with me. Any advice?

Re: wont sleep in pack n play

  • Honestly, look into a Rock N' Play by fisher price. My DD is not crazy about the PNP because it's very open and she likes to be cuddled. The RnP is cozy around her and she really loves it. Also, are you swaddling? If not, try swaddling before you put him down in the PNP. We use the Nuroo swaddle - it's amazing!
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  • everything that pp have stated.
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  • My DS is 8 days old and won't sleep on flat surfaces. He won't sleep in the arm's reach cosleeper or in his cradle, even when swaddled.  We don't have a rock n play, but we do have a swing that cradles him like the rock n play.  He sleeps fine in that (the swing is not turned on).   My pediatrician said he doesn't have a problem with him sleeping in the swing.  I hope to get him sleeping in the cosleeper at some point but for now, we are using the swing for everyone's sanity

    Please read up on safe cosleeping if you plan to keep your LO in bed with you.  Co sleeping can be done safely, but you should be aware of the do's and don'ts.  Although it sounds like you would rather not sleep with your LO in bed with you.  
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  • Your LO is still VERY young, let him sleep wherever he will.  I had the same problem with my son and was scouring the internet trying to find a solution because I too did not want to create a "habit" of him sleeping with me.  Living on a budget I did not want to purchase a rock and play since I already had sooo many "baby docking stations", so I just kept trying different things with the items I got from my baby shower.  At about 4 weeks he started sleeping in the swing but I still could not get him in the PnP.
    My son is now 9 weeks old and just 4 days ago I found a solution that seems to be helping.  I have placed a folded blanket under the PnP matress to create an incline, then I rolled up two bath towels and made a "U" out of them on the PnP and covered the towels with a crib sheet and tucked the sheet under the PnP mattress (essentially trying to recreate the comfort of the swing in the PnP).  I swaddle him and have him fall asleep in my arms and then place him in the "U".  The past 4 nights he has either slept the whole night in the PnP or 1/2 the night and then I pull him back in bed with me if I can't get him down.  It's a start...  Hope this helps.
  • @mfsunshine222‌ can you post a picture of this setup?
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  • He had a leaky diaper last night so I just have a large receiving blanket covering it right now, but usually it is a full size sheet.
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