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5 week old waking when wet - prefolds

Hi all! I'm a S14 mom - first time posting here. Sorry if this issue has been discussed, couldn't find a post about it. Lately we have had an issue with my 5 week old waking every time he pees (so every 2 hrs min) we are using prefolds cuz we have a diaper service and he has been saturating them so I'm sure it isn't comfortable. He doesn't really cry when he wakes just gets restless and grunts a lot. Does anyone else see this issue? Would using disposables at night help?

Re: 5 week old waking when wet - prefolds

  • DS would wake when wet at that age too. Didn't matter what kind of diaper. He was just sensitive to wetness. Fleece liners only helped a little bit. It was worse in disposables, because the crystals seemed to heat up a little when they absorbed pee and he was sensitive to that. FWIW, we changed him every 1.5 to 2 hours, and even more frequently as needed.

    But every baby is different, so it can't hurt to try a few different things.
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  • Thanks guys, this helps. I just keep hearing about babies this age that are going 6 hour stretches and that sure isn't my kid! Maybe some are more sensitive to it then others. Did your kids wake less at a certain point? Or just start peeing less? Lol
  • Yeah, those long stretches aren't necessarily the norm, especially if you're bfing. Mine is 11 weeks and his longest stretch has been 4 hours at most, no matter what kind of diaper he's in. Also, I'm not sure if it's just my kid, but he tends to wiggle and grunt more due to gas, needing to burp, or trying to poop.


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  • Yes! Mine is a wiggly grunter too :-)
  • My kid is 4 1/2 months and has slept a 6 hour stretch only a handful of times. We still change about every 2 hours except during the night now since he's not pooping at night anymore. We only stopped changing at night at around 12-13 weeks when she stopped the nighttime poops.
  • I had one who slept through the night at that age even with just prefolds (I doubled up at night) and the other who was in disposable only, would wake every 1.5-2hrs during the night. 
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