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BG 4.0's What do you stuff them with?

I'm considering ditching the microfiber inserts (they seem to keep everything humid). What natural fiber inserts does everyone recommend?
I've been experimenting with GMD prefolds. Thoughts on prefolds? Size? (Yellow seems to work right now but I suspect it will be small on the larger snap setting. We also have some medium but I'm looking at medium wide wondering if that's a good option for the long run?)

Re: BG 4.0's What do you stuff them with?

  • Flats!! Trimmer than prefolds, easy to wash, cheap. I also really like AppleCheeks 2 ply inserts, but they are pricey.

    Med. prefolds do work on the largest rise setting but I find them bulky for anything but naps.
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  • Flats here too. I tried stuffing with prefolds and find that bulkier than flats.

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  • I'm stuffing GMD small prefolds on the middle rise right now.

    Same here.


  • Do flats absorb as much as prefolds? (I don't really mind the bulk and wouldn't want to sacrifice absorbency.)
  • I usually stuff with two bamboo inserts from Alva. I have been experimenting and tried a small prefold instead. It was a lot more bulky and he peed through it quickly. If I had to guess, one small GMD prefold absorbs as much as one Alva bamboo insert. And the insert is less than half the thickness of the prefold.
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  • I use GMD large flats (29 x 29). Anecdotally they hold at least as much as a red edge but not as much as a brown edge prefold. I'm guessing a regular sized flat holds somewhere between a yellow and red edge prefold.
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    When I wetted and weighed a small GMD prefold and an Osocozy flat the prefold held more water than the flat after drip drying (1.2 and 0.9 cups, respectively) and squeezing water out (1 and 0.8 cups). The GMD flats are larger, though, so they may hold as much water as the small prefold.

    ETA We stuff all of our pockets with Osocozy, Imagine, and GMD flats.
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