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Egg Allergy Question

Hi All:

My daughter has peanut, tree nut and egg allergies, as well as celiac.  The egg allergy was diagnosed at age one after she broke out in hives after eating a scrambled egg.  Skin/blood tests confirmed the peanut, tree nut and egg.  On a few occasions before the age of one, she had a little baked egg, but not much, and we don't recall a reaction, but were never really watching for one at the time.  She's about to turn three and we decided around the time we were going gluten free after the celiac diagnosis that we would do a baked egg challenge.  She broke out in hives and was itching her head like crazy.  The allergist said we will try again in a few months, and if we want to, we can give her a bite a week of a baked egg product.  Just curious if anyone has given a small amount of an allergen and what impact that might have on their tolerance?  The recommendation was made sort of as we were walking out the door like it was an, she reacted and oh hey, maybe try this?  Would love to hear what others think of this, if you've tried it, etc. 

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