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Hello, AW, and a question

Hi everyone, 

Im a D14 mamma, and I kinda lurk around here sometimes too.  This is baby #1, and DH and I are committed to cloth diapering.  

So for my AW moment - today I picked up basically my entire stash of CD off CraigsList for a freakin' STEAL!!  We ended up with 13 Bum Genius, 8 Grovia, 1 FuzziBuns, a thirsties cover, and plenty of inserts for all!  I'm so freakin' excited I may need a few of the inserts for myself LOL.  We basically have our whole diaper stash before LO is even here.  On a random note, when we got to the sellers house, it turned out to be someone we knew from college!  During our mail exchange we never put 2&2 together since we both go by our married names now. 

And my question:  Apparently the diapers were only used for 1 child, and she used them all less then a year.  They are all in good shape, and she said she only ever used the BioKleen detergent for washing.  A few of the inserts are a bit stained, but nothing outrageous.  Would you bother going through a full "stripping" process?  or just give everything a good regular wash? (links to any previous posts are appreciated, not much came up when I searched...)

Any other CD advice for a first-time mom?


Re: Hello, AW, and a question

  • Yup, ^ wss :)
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  • And after the bleach wash, rinse them several times to get it all out.


  • Thanks!  Yes, they are all OS.  We decided to just use dispoables for the first few weeks until baby is big enough to fit.  
  • Everyone has given some good advice all I have to add is that even for os you will problaly want to get a few more diapers if you plan to wash every other day. One cover is will only make it one change if that change happens to soil the diaper. I would get a 2-3 more covers and some prefolds or flats to lay in them, just to make sure tour covered. You will also want probably two pail liner, and 2-3 wet bags for leaving the house. It's also a good idea to have a cd safe diaper cream on hand. There was a thread a few days ago with some good suggestions.
  • Thanks all - I'll look into gathering some NB sizes CD as well; FX my friend still has some NB coverstibg around :)
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