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Minor pains 1 year pp

I am 13 months pp from my first csection. Every once in a while (sometimes working out) I have a little bit of pain in my lower abdomen, where I assume my internal csection scar is. It doesn't really hurt, but it's noticeable. Does this seem normal, or is this something that I should have checked out? I haven't been back to my OB since my final pp appointment.
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Re: Minor pains 1 year pp

  • That's my plan, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had this happen. It isn't really painfully, more like pulling.
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  • I would say it was normal. But that's something for your dr to decide. I still had pains bc my internal staples hadn't dissolved yet, I only know that bc I could feel them under my skin if when I gently pressed my scar. After they dissolved then the pain went away completely, and it was only after I did something that strained my muscles or whatever in there.
  • Thanks ladies!
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  • I still have pain almost 2 years post C-section. I went in at the 1-year point, and after seeing an OB and being referred to a plastic surgeon, they determined I had scar tissue wrapped around a nerve.  It will be a minor surgery to fix it, but I'm waiting until we are for sure done having kids before I seriously consider it having the surgery. The pain isn't bad- just noticeable sometimes.   
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