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Can you tell me what your experience with Essure was like? How was recovery? Did you need pain meds? Could you drive? Work after a couple of days?

Thanks for any feedback :-)

Re: Essure

  • I am waiting for my date to get it done.  In talking with the GYN recovery is 1-2 days, just crampy and some possible minor bleeding/spotting.  She said I could drive after 1 day (so placement day, recovery day, then drive the next day).  She said I could pick up my kids after the same 24-48 hours after.  I am guessing work would be the same.  No sex for 1-2 weeks after placement, and to use protection since the Essure isn't fully effective for 3 months (and the confirmation test is done).

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  • I had the procedure in November last year.  The day of you will need someone to care for little one.  The meds I was given at time of procedure did me in. DH picked m eup after the procedure and I went home, went to sleep.  Apparently had a few phone convos I don't remember.  There was minor bleeding for about 48 hours.  Mild cramping (less than typical time of month cramping I have).  The only time I had any pain (very mild) was if I held DS for too long.  That lasted about 3 days.  I took a couple of the pain meds the day after just to make sure I had no pain but did not need them after that.  Very easy procedure and recovery.


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