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New with gdiaper question.

I am 15 weeks with #3 and have been looking at using gdiapers. What are the pro's and con's? How many should I have of each size?


Re: New with gdiaper question.

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    First of all, congrats!

    GDiapers don't get much love around here. I used them with my first and loved them. We got a set of 6 smalls with an extra six snap in liners (the waterproof part). And we used the cloth, not the disposable inserts.

    Then we ended up with probably 8-10 mediums which lasted until about 20 months. But I was pregnant with #2 so we switched to some other brands that would work for both kids.

    I tried to use my smalls with DD2 but they just didn't fit her well, so I invested in other brands.

    super trim
    Able to reuse cover (as long as there's no poop)
    Option for biodegradable inserts for travel

    Only comes in hook& loop
    Have to buy multiple sizes to last to PT
    The snap in liners are kind of a pain sometimes

    If you're interested in trying a couple, I still have some smalls I'm trying to destash. I can sell you a couple to try out.

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  • I never tried gDiapers, but generally around here the recommendation is not to buy a full stash of anything (except newborn sizes) until your baby is here and you can see what you like.  Instead, but one or two of several different types/brands.  Just like everyone has favorite brands of jeans, diapers fit differently and preferences change.  TBH, I bought a bunch of fancy AIOs/pockets and found out that I like flats/receving blankets and covers just as much.

    Since you're only 15 weeks, I'd recommend lurking here a bit, watching the Cloth Diaperin 101 videos on youtube (7 pt series) and maybe buying a couple when you see PSAs for sales to get a stash started. 


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  • I agree with TJ. Don't commit to a specific brand until you know what you like and what works for your kid. For my NB stash, I had pockets (Kawaii P&N), AIO's (NB simplex), prefolds (GMD), and fitteds (kissaluvs and GMD). I had 3 brands of covers. Now I know I hate pockets, love AI2's and AIO's and prefolds.

    FWIW, I don't know anyone IRL who liked G diapers. I know 2 or 3 people who tried them and hated them and had issues with leaks. It doesn't mean that everyone has that experience, but just what I heard.
  • I don't know anyone in person either who liked the g diapers. The biggest complaint was how expensive theirs were with constantly having to buy the flushable inserts or that they were too slim for their chunky babies.

    The stash I'm building has a variety of pockets, pul covers, and different insert styles.
  • Thanks gals. Just starting to look at getting away from disposables. I like the concept of the gdiaper but all great feedback and things to think about.
  • I'm a FTM with a 6 week old, so keep in mind that I don't know a lot.

    We started out with gdiapers with the newborn set and have 6 small diapers with 12 cloth inserts and 6 medium diapers with 12 of the cloths for that size.

    Our LO was 7 lbs 6 oz at birth. He fit into the newborn diapers until he hit about 9 lbs. I think it was maybe 2.5-3 weeks? If you look at my sig pic he is wearing a small diaper and that was about the first time he wore them and that pic he was about 3.5 weeks.

    Anyhow, they rec that you use the newborns with the disposable inserts. For us, this was a really easy way to transition to cloth. We occasionally used a few disposable diapers that we were gifted and I will say that they leaked every time and we never leaked in the gdiapers newborn size diapers.

    Once we transitioned to the small diapers we were still really happy with them. Our LO was having 1 or 2 wet diapers though and about 8-10 BM a day. Since then, he has moved to about 7 wet diapers and only about half of those are dirty. With the increase in wet diapers, we have had more leaking, but only sometimes and it's never terrible.

    Around 5 weeks we realized we needed to add a few more diapers to our arsenal in order to do laundry every other day instead of every day. So, I purchased 6 flats with 3 one size rumparooz waterproof covers and 2 bum genius free item all in ones and we also decided to start doing cloth wipes (which has been a HUGE plus. I can't believe we waited so long to do this. You're already doing laundry...might as well do cloth wipes!)

    So, now that we have added a few all in ones and flats with covers, I assumed I would start disliking my g diapers and switching to the others exclusively. However, that hasn't really been the case. The bum genius all in ones are nice and easy, but they are still pretty bulky, and it really sucks when you put one on your LO and they have a BM right away and you already have to throw the whole diaper in the laundry bag. Whereas, with the g diapers, the cover would still be good and I would just have to change out the cloth in most cases.

    The huskiness of the one size diapers really does turn me off. It makes everything fit funny and I have to go up a clothing size just for the diaper which can be annoying. I find myself not wanting to put him in onesies when I have the one size diapers on him.

    Since adding the new diapers a week ago, we have been using the gdiapers during the day mostly and the all in ones and flats with covers at night. This has worked well for us.

    Maybe it's because I am still new to this, but I really like the flexibility of the gdiapers being able to use the disposable inserts. We throw those one when we go out of the house for long periods of time and I just feel like it's easier and makes changed more comfortable for me if I'm by myself. Maybe that will change after I've been using cloth for longer, but that's how I feel now.

    Sorry, lots of rambling, but that's my perspective :)
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  • Just FYI, if you like the flexibility to use disposable liners, know that you can use them with any similar style of cover (like BumGenius Flips, Blueberry Capris, Wolbybug, etc).
    Flip has their own brand of disposable liners, but there's no reason you can't mix & match inserts and covers.
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