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middle name for Claire?

So far we have:

Claire Elizabeth
Claire Elise (Elyse?)
Claire Abigail (more for style, H is not sold on Abigail as it's the name of his friend's DD)

Style is Biblical/classic, 2+ syllables.

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Re: middle name for Claire?

  • My cousin just named her daughter Claire Nichole which is nice
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  • Claire is in our top 5. It's a family name.

    Our mn options are very similar.

    Claire Elisabeth
    Claire Alise (family name: Ah-leese)
    Claire Alice
    Claire Annalise
    Claire Emmeline
    Claire Dorothy
    Claire Ellen
    Claire Magnolia
    Claire Olivia
    Claire Ruby
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  • Claire Elizabeth. It can be a bit hard to find names that flow well with Claire, and I very much prefer Clara. I'll try though. Claire Catherine Claire Alexandra Claire Emmanuelle Claire Evangeline Claire Naomi Claire Rebecca Claire Susannah Claire Magdalena Claire Margaret Claire Noelle Claire Veronica
    I'm not opposed to Clara, I think the right mn could convince me to switch. 

    I do like Naomi and Rebecca, thank you!
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  • BananaLettuceBananaLettuce member
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    **Edited quote mess

    If we went with Clara (also a family name), our mn options would be...

    Clara Mae
    Clara Nell
    Clara Ann
    Clara Alice
    Clara Dorothy
    Clara Ruby
    Started adoption process in Jan. 2011.
    3 failed matches in 2012.
    Surprise pregnancy in Aug. 2012.
    Precious baby boy "HC" born May 2013.
    Began researching EA in 2014.
    No longer pursuing EA due to fibroid complications.
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  • Claire Veronica
  • I love Claire Elizabeth.

    Claire Miriam
    Claire Rosemary
    Claire Victoria

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  • I think middle names should always be significant, from the family.
  • I like Claire Elizabeth.

    Claire Magdalene
    Claire Bernadette
    Claire Victoria
    Claire Veronica
    Claire Monica
    Claire Beatrix
    Claire Ramona
    Claire Georgiana
    Claire Rebecca
    Claire Deborah
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  • Our daughter is Claire Elizabeth, and I would say that well over 50% of all of the other little Claires we have met have also been Claire Elizabeths. Just something to think about...in hindsight I wish we had picked something a little more original for her middle name.
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  • Claire Louise

  • Claire Therese
    Claire Delphine
    Claire Rebekah
    Claire Deborah
    Claire Martha
    Claire Lydia
    Claire Hester

    Clara Miriam
    Clara Naomi
    Clara Rachel
    Clara Abigail
    Clara Hannah
    Clara Joy

    Also Claire Elizabeth and pp suggestions of Claire Magdalene and Clara Noelle.
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  • I am doing Claire Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a family name for me and DH and sounds great with Claire.

    We were going to do Claire Irene, but decided to flip my middle names around for my twins. I gave Isla the MN Irene.

    I thought both of my names were tough for good sounding middle names. GL to you.
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  • I was going to recommend Elizabeth soon as I saw this.


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  • I love Claire! Far more than Clara, which somehow sounds sort of plain to me whereas Claire feels refined and classic. They are both great names, though.

    Claire Elizabeth was my first thought, so I vote for that, but other ones I like (some already suggested) are:

    Claire Emilia
    Claire Louise
    Claire Margaret
    Claire Augusta
    Claire Suzanne
  • Claire Calla
    Claire Carolyn
    Claire Danielle
    Claire Esther
    Claire Holly
    Claire Iliana
    Claire Jillian
    Claire Victoria
  • Claire Elizabeth! <3 

  • My sister's name is Claire and her MN is Beth. A one-syllable MN also sounds right to me! Especially if last name is multi-syllable.
  • I also like Clara more than Claire, I'll give suggestions for both...I do like Claire Elise though

    Claire Isabella
    Claire Amelia
    Claire Alexandra
    Claire Jocelyn
    Claire Valentina
    Claire Margaret
    Claire Adeline
    Claire Michaela
    Claire Violet

    Clara Elise
    Clara Rose
    Clara Eloise
    Clara Vivienne
    Clara Rosalie
    Clara Louise
    Clara Pearl
    Clara Madeline
    Clara Juliet
    Clara Lucille
    Clara Elaine
    Clara Paige
    Clara Nicole
    Clara Denise
    Clara Josephine
    Clara Evangeline
    Clara Daniele
    Clara Annalise
    Clara Diane
    Clara Noelle
  • Claire Elizabeth. Sounds classy. And personally I really like Claire much better than Clara.
  • I just posted this in another thread, but I just named my daughter Claire Anneliese.
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