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What's your favorite cloth diaper friendly rash solution?

Hello! I've been lurking on this board for some time now. DD is 8 weeks, we've been using pre-folds and covers through a diaper service. In our weird state, in order to use cloth diapers at a daycare, they must be laundered through a service so it looks like we'll be sticking with them for a while.

My question is: What is your favorite rash cream/stick/whatever for use with cloth diapers. The service suggested using lanolin and coconut oil, neither of which has been effective. When she gets a rash we have been switching to sposies and using traditional diaper cream until it clears up. I'd like to stop doing this PLUS we need to provide a rash cream when she starts daycare next week. Suggestions?
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Re: What's your favorite cloth diaper friendly rash solution?

  • Waxalene, cj's butter, grandma ell, groves magic stick ,there are a lot of them. I use coconut oil with some tea tree oil and candulla cream mixed in, it's been working well.
  • Depends on the rash and the child.  One of my DDs reacts better to CJ's butter.  And my other DD does better w/ coconut oil.  For more stubborn rashes I use Grandma Els on both.  If all that fails I use Butt Paste w/ a fleece liner (but that hardly ever happens).
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  • We've been using CJ's stick (really easy to put on that way) and grandma el's.

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  • We sent grovia magic stick to daycare for their day-to-day use (they used it with every diaper change for some reason).  For more serious rashes, the magic stick doesn't do a whole lot for LO though, and neither does coconut oil.  We have much more luck with CJs (I liked sending the stick form to daycare for ease of use) and waxelene (which I sent to daycare when LO had a really bad rash).
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  • Like musical silver, we used grovia Magic stick for day to day at DC, and CJs for rashes. I <3 cjs, I put that shit on everything.
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  • earth mama angel baby and pooters skin therapy
    in my opinion both are hands down the best rash creams
    they'll clear up a rash (any rash including yeast) in just a few days
    i like the skin therapy because its also good for warts, eczema, etc.  
  • We have used California Baby Diaper Rash cream (it specifies that it is CD safe on the packaging and I did some reading here before trying it).  Apparently some babies are sensitive to it, but our DD has tolerated it well and it clears up the rash quickly.  We are also using prefolds (though no diaper service) and have not had to change our wash routine when we use the cream. 

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  • For really stubborn rashes when we need a barrier, Grandma El's with disposable liner.

    After that I like Waxelene (or my homemade version) and Grovia Magic Stick.

    CJ's is nice for keeping the skin happy but once a rash has set in I usually go to one of the above.
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