Weekend warrioresses! What's going on?

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So, here's my weekly question...what have you got going on this weekend?

I keep telling my husband we need to learn to say no since we have a baby...he says we have cut be the judge by this weekend calendar...

Friday night - dinner club with my husband's family at his cousin's restaurant.  Always a fabulous event, but it lasts from 6-10pm (I go to bed around 8:30 these days!)

Saturday - fostering classes in the morning, a 4th birthday party in the afternoon for my dear friend's daughter. The evening will be full of scraping the popcorn off the ceiling of E's room.

Sunday - chili cook-off at his friend's house...I'm sure the Packers play sometime, but no idea when, and then more scraping in the evening.




Re: Weekend warrioresses! What's going on?

  • Your plate is definitely full this weekend!

    I have a babysitter coming on Saturday as I am going to a get-together of girls from another board to assemble some freezer dinners for another poster whose son has cancer.

    Sunday we are free and am not sure what to do. We've already gone apple picking and zipped through a corn maze.
  • Wow Lori, you have busy weekend ahead of you!

    My weekend isn't so busy, thank goodness. Tonight I think we are just hanging out at home. Husband's been in the hospital the last 2 days, so we need some rest and relaxation at home. Saturday we are going to my niece's wedding. And Sunday, we will probably be home as well. When you're trying to save every dime, you suddenly become homebodies. LOL! 
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  • @leisemomtobe‌ I'm sorry to hear that! Is your husband ok?

    You all sound very busy.

    Tonight- moe's for dinner followed by fondue desert and wine- random date at its best.

    Tomorrow- state fair in the morning with my mom followed by walking to the college football game. A wedding in the evening followed by reception at this great place downtown and hanging out with friends after.

    Sunday- church, lunch with my amazing new birthmom friend, and ab evening get-together with friends from my church. Judge away, but I'm taking wine with me ;)
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  • Tonight: Stay home and chill out- hubs is doing baby bath time as we speak, i'm messing around on the internet and doing laundry and will eventually put away dinner and straighten up and finish some Halloween crafting.
    Tomorrow: Target, Friend's kids 4th bday party until 2, hubs meets me at park and we trade cars. I go get (zombie)  makeup done to work at my Church's fright night, come home, cook dinner, go to fright night
    Sunday: Church, pumpkin picking, celebrate mom's bday.
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  • @CarolinaGirl2014‌ yes, he is okay. He had a migraine auroa, but the docs weren't sure if it was that or an indication of a stroke, so he had to stay for tests. Thankfully it was the migraine auroa. It was a scary 24 hours.
    January 2014--Picked Agency, had informational Meeting and turned in Application
    June      2014--Started our Home Study (all paperwork &fingerprinting that ensued)
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  • That's a busy weekend!

    On Friday, I set up the month's meal plan and went grocery shopping for a few hours.
    On Saturday, DH and I went to the last day of Oktoberfest at the Southern German-like town nearby, checked out the local art gallery, and a historic house museum.
    Today, we went to church, watched a movie, cooked, and reorganized the fridge and freezer. Oh, and I had a whole bottle of rose wine and DH drank 3 beers.

    So yeah, busy weekends are fun, but they are exhausting.
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  • Sounds like everyone had a great weekend!  We capped off our weekend on Sunday afternoon with naps for everyone!!  The chili-cookoff on Sunday also turned into a gender reveal party for our friends which was a nice add!  Happy Monday everyone, have a good week!


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