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Fundal Height measuring 6 weeks ahead

Hello All, I am 25 weeks. My fundal height yesterday was 31+. I have also gained 8 lbs in 4 weeks- only in belly. They are concerned about polyhydraminos and she explained a few things that could be an issue. Just wandering if anyone else has had this? I have a detailed u/s the 28th and wont have any answeres until then but I am still concerned. Any experience with this, good or bad, would be appreciated. Thank you!

Re: Fundal Height measuring 6 weeks ahead

  • I have no experiences, but lots of thoughts and prayers!
  • This happened with my last pregnancy. I had an extra ultrasound and the dr. Wasn't concerned. My uterus is roomy and I have plenty of fluid in there.. Some women just have this but doesn't mean anything is wrong. Don't worry!


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  • Are you consistently measuring 6 weeks ahead? Is this a large change from your last appointment? I would think if the doctor was incredibly concerned they'd get you in for an u/s sooner than 2 weeks.

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  • No experience here, just wanted to say I'm sending good thoughts your way! FX it's nothing!!

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  • Do you have gestational diabetes
  • At my appointment last week I measured three weeks ahead by fundal height. They had me do an ultrasound this week to check growth, and she measured right on track - to the day. At my appointment yesterday, fundal height was right on track.

    We're you constipated, by any chance? I was, and I wouldn't be surprised if that impacted the measurements.
  • I have been measuring six-seven weeks ahead since about 20 weeks (currently 26). I have had multiple ultrasounds that show the baby is also measuring about four weeks ahead. My doctor is not at all concerned because the baby is doing so great, and both my other girls were big (9 lbs at 39 weeks and my other was still born at 31 weeks for no known reason but was 3 1/2 lbs). My doc always says there is something to say for genetics. Maybe you will just have big babies! Good luck! I am sure everything is just fine.
  • Thanks for your replies. I do not have gestational diabetes that I know of. I am taking my 2nd 1 hour test this saturday. My other 2 babies were 6 lbs each at 38 weeks so I dont normally have big babies but every pregnancy is different. Just wondering if this was common. Thanks for your help :)
  • I am also currently measuring 6 weeks ahead. With my other 4 I always measured 2-3 weeks ahead. My MW said that if I am still measuring that at ahead at my next visit we will do a US.
  • Hi Juanilloclan.  I have the same question you did.  I was on track up to my 23w appointment.  I measured 6cm ahead then and by my measurements at home I am still 6cm ahead at 27weeks.  I see the midwife Thurday (3/12).  She will do a GD test and if it's normal (I kind of think it will be) I will probably have a sono done on Tuesday.  If you're still on here I would love to hear the rest of your story.  Thanks so much.
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