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Getting rid of a nipple shield.

Any mom's out there used a nipple shield and then weaned off of it?  We started using it for latching issues because DD likes to suck in her bottom lip.  Now she will hardly eat without it.  Any tips for weaning her off of it?  I've read up on the subject and plan to see a lactation consultant as well but I was just wanting any helpful tips other moms might have.

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Re: Getting rid of a nipple shield.

  • This sounds counterintuitive but I think what ultimately helped me was accepting the possibility that I'd be using it long term (I wasn't having supply issues). This allowed me to relax more, lower the stakes and be less stressed out when it wasn't going well trying to wean him off it. If it didn't work one day I'd just try again the next, no big deal. Eventually we weaned off it by 8 weeks I think?
    What I did was try to feed without it at feeds where we were both relaxed and he wasn't excessively hungry. For me the key was keeping it low stress for us both. If didn't work I didn't push it. Also I found squeezing my breast into "nipple sandwich" and stimulating the nipple so it stood out more before feeds to be helpful.
    also gets easier as their mouth gets bigger so time really does help . The Bf board may also have some advice for you.
    Good luck!!


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