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Numbers, confused, and crampy

Hey everyone, need somewhere to vent and get advice. Fiance and I found out we were pregnant with a due date of around May 22nd, 2015. I started heavily bleeding at 6w4d. Ultrasound showed a mass on right ovary, but absolutely nothing in uterus. Hcg levels started dropping. Had a natural m/c 7w1d where the tissue and even a blob with black dot eyes came out :( spotted a lot for about a week and a half. Got my blood drawn 2 days ago (2 weeks after m/c) and the levels went back up! I am also heavily bleeding currently. Fiance and I have NOT had any intercourse. Thoughts?

Re: Numbers, confused, and crampy

  • Maybe an incomplete miscarriage? You may need to talk to your doctor for further information and to research the cause.Also please insert a loss mention in the title and for further titles pertaining to this subject as the particular detailed part about the eyes can upset many first time moms who do not know what is going on and other expecting moms who went though a lost (It made me upset just a little) and also because its graphic. 

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