Love you ladies!

I was out lurking on some other boards today, which I don't typically do and WHOA...people jumping down peoples' throats for using incorrect terms (thinking BM vs. EM here) and it was just a shit show.  I felt so bad for some of these ladies who were new and just had a question.  I think being a smaller, more intimate board definitely comes with perks!  So, just sayin' thanks for all of you being you!


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Re: Love you ladies!

  • OMG! I know what you mean. I was on August moms and asked a question, I was harassed because I hadn't introduced myself first! Totally turned me off!!!
  • It's funny, I created a post just like this months and months ago. TB is infamous for its snark, and I agree can be a lot to take in. This board is by far the best.

    Also, I hope I haven't come across as jumping down anyone's throat about EMom vs BMom. I only say something b/c I didn't know the difference before but now it sincerely hurts me to see that terminology, knowing what they are already going through. It's like how if someone referred to a birthmom as a natural mom (the old term) you'd rightfully correct it because it's insulting and not right. Make sense?
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    CarolinaGirl, we are known for gently correcting language, not jumping down throats. You are carrying on our tradition :)
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  • yes! i've been able to come to this board and genuinely feel like i was a part of something great! i have never felt "yelled at" or put down, and i have even been corrected on terminology lol. not that i have had bad experiences on other boards, but still- i'm glad i don't have to worry about it here :) all of you ladies rock! 
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  • This is the best board I have found. You ladies are so welcoming and never try to tear anyone down or be rude to anyone. It's so nice to come to a place where everyone pretty much understands each other and can give advice on things. You all rock in my book!  :x
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  • I completely agree! I have been supported 100% since I started here! Thank you so much ladies!!


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  • I was terrified to do an intro over here. Scared Id get something wrong or offend someone. (I've heard how the bump can be...) But after lurking for a couple days I saw that that wouldn't be the case. So thank you for being so welcoming and understanding!

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  • I'm new to this forum and I'm kinda unsure whether I'm saying the right things but I guess its just a matter of getting used to communicating with fellow mommies here but from what I see most of them on this forum are supportive :)
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