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Babies Make Me Sick!!!

No seriously. I know it's not unusual for babies to catch several colds within the first year (7-12, I believe!), because their immune systems aren't as developed as an adult's. My daughter was fine for the first couple of months or so, then she caught a cold. A couple of months later, she caught another one. Then another. And another. This fall has not been kind to my poor daughter's tiny nose! Luckily, it seems to only last a few days or so. But every time my daughter gets sick, I get sick too. Every. Single. Time. And of course since DD is sick, she's up in the night and I'm not getting enough sleep, so it's tough to recover. I feel like I'm sick pretty much every other week! My husband, on the other hand, hasn't been sick any more than usual. Has anyone else had their immune system go on a hiatus once their littlie was born?

Re: Babies Make Me Sick!!!

  • Yes!!! I used to never get sick and now every time my little one has a cold, i'm feeling under the weather too.  My husband never seems to catch anything.  I told him my son and I were like Elliott and E.T.....we're just connected like that!
  • Lol, very attention grabbing subject.
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    I too wondered about this. My baby and I caught a skin infection after his birth, then a cold, another cold a couple months later, and then one back to back after that. I feel I've been sick a month and a half straight. We are just now getting through it. But I have to remind myself that at least if I get sick I can give him antibodies through his breastmilk. I just keep taking my prenatels and trying to increase hand washing, using Clorox antibacterial wipes, Lysol sprays, and washing all of his toys/linens more often.
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