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EFMP CAT IV?? WTH ... Advice

Ok so our son at this point is just seeing a pediatric social worker for what he calls 'a little anxiety' and we were just informed we are Cat IV??? Anyone else w an experience like this?
I am just floored right now. Last assignment we had was Spain and we hope to go back overseas. This seems crazy when he has no major medical issues ...

Re: EFMP CAT IV?? WTH ... Advice

  • It all has to do with the bases overseas not being equipped to handle the situation. My husband was in Guam for a year before I was allowed to travel because I was Cat 3/4 with severe anxiety and depression. I was on medication and seeing a therapist and they didn't really have the resources in Guam to equip me with the help I needed. I managed it on my own after a year but when I went to Guam I got severely depressed again after several months. Luckily, at that time, they had gotten better psych workers/aid/whatever and they were able to treat me with meds and therapy.

    Are you in the appointments with your son? If not, he may only be telling YOU it's a little anxiety so as not to freak you out, but it may actually be worse for him. :( Mine was debilitating to the point where I wouldn't leave my house unless 110% necessary and even then it was painful. 

    It doesn't look like you'll be going overseas any time soon though as I couldn't go anywhere as a Cat3/4. :( I'm sorry if that upsets you but I think you're doing the best thing by keeping your son somewhere he can get the help he needs right now. 
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  • I guess I should have added that he is only 4 and taking no meds. The social worker actually said he doesn't even need to see him & that he's really there to just help us as parents... He was previously a cat 2 with a developmental speech delay which he needed bi-weekly therepy for ... So upgrade to 4 seems nuts!

    And also I really do understand where you are coming from too! I've delt with similar issues and wouldn't argue at all if I felt my son needed care he could only get conus...
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