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Thoughts on maternity leave?


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  • Wow, some of you get some pretty awesome benefits!  My job offers FMLA and that's it, though I recognize that some don't even get that.  It's all unpaid leave (though it will deplete what I have in Sick and Vacation leave so i'll get paid for as much as I've accrued) and they have to save my job (or one similar to it) for up to 3 months.  After that, there is no guarantee.  Most people at my work don't take the full three months because they can't afford to. 


  • I just started my leave (tomorrow) and I'm due saturday. I feel guilty for some reason! I work for a small company and I'm taking 8 weeks. Everyone else has to kinda pick up my duties while I'm out but I'll be doing a little work while on leave. Anyone else feeling guilty??
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  • Feeling pretty lucky reading all of this, in the UK all mothers are entitled to take 12 months maternity leave and their job will be there when they return. My job I get 6 months about 90% pay, 3 months maternity allowance which is a small weekly amount, and then 3 months unpaid. I absolutely love the USA and have always wanted to live there but by the sounds of it when it comes to maternity America is harsh. I took 6 months with my first child 4 years ago and was devastated I couldn't take longer off. This time round I plan on 9 months (which is still less than a lot of mothers have in the UK), and feeling very thankful that I can
  • I will go on STD for two weeks prior to due date and then take 6 weeks after the birth.  On top of the STD my company offers 4 weeks of paid family leave.  Add in a 3 weeks of PTO I will be home for 3 months at full pay.  I did this for my first born as well and it was so nice to have paychecks coming and not have to worry about finances.   We have a benefits department that helps coordinate your leave and makes you aware of what you are entitled too.  They also intervene if your boss is not familiar with the policies. Thankfully I have a supportive boss and all this is a non issue and basically a happy event.  For all those mamma's to be out there who are not as fortunate may you be blessed with a healthy baby and the strength to persevere in trying circumstances. 
  • Anyone who gets PAID maternity leave is lucky! I will be scheduling a C-section and might still have to come back to work before the 8 weeks are up for financial reasons...As for short term disability...I had to have it a month prior to getting pregnant for it to pay out!
  • My only thoughts are that women and men should get at least 3 months paid leave and then a job to return to. The taxes we pay and the fees and so on for health insurance should cover that. Having children is a life event and natural occurrence and should be respected as such. Not seen as burden or handicap.
  • Me too lol
  • I work for the City (which is technically a government agency) and we are able to take 8-12 weeks leave. We do not get overtime, so our comp time builds up pretty quickly.  We also have vacation time, as well as sick time.  
    I am able to cash in my time to get my leave paid at 100%.  If I didn't have enough time, the remainder would be unpaid leave.
    I have 6 months until delivery to build up about about one more week of time off (for a total of 12 weeks).  Our time builds up ridiculously fast!!!
  • I get nothing. No paid leave at all and then my job is secure for only 2 months. I'm 34 weeks and also have a pretty physically demanding job and at the end of the day my legs are giving out and have shooting pains from my low back to my hips through my legs. Definitely freaking out a bit. We save every extra penny we have and are hoping we can make it. So ready for her to be here yet I am stressing out to the max!
  • I left a job that would have given me paid FMLA but I didn't know I was pregnant at the time. This job I have now said I would only get 3 weeks and if I don't come back I would get fired. Mind you I will be having a csection and I will be a single mom. I fought it and now I get 45 days of unpaid leave. When I do go to work now am I going to afford daycare? My saving now will last for a couple of months due to bills and baby needs. I will have to move in with my mom to save on rent but will have to look for another job and possibly file for unemployment until then. Something has to happen in this country USA to help women who are expecting. I make too much now for assistance when in reality I don't really see the money because of school loans. SUCKs!!I will make things happen because now I'm responsible for another life.
  • My husband and I are both teachers for the same district so our employer makes us share the allotted 12 weeks of FMLA time. Only 6 weeks can be paid for IF we have the accumulated sick leave. My husband has to take his time as soon as I take mine if he even wants the option to use his sick leave to get paid. I plan on taking 10 of our 12 weeks, the time after 6 weeks being unpaid. The thing that upsets me most is that when I have brought up parental leave to my Union and our Board of Education they response is indifferent at best. We are offered pathetic benefits because people are going to continue to have babies. There needs to be a major change.
  • Texas is not any better, I am a temp and fortunately because I have worked for the company over a year I will get FMLA for 12 wks but it will be unpaid, my husband is salaried, but FMLA is also unpaid for him as well he will have to use his vac time while off, as we are a scheduled c-sec, because our little bundle is due in Dec, we will have to use our tax return to supplement for expenses with my husbands salary, which really won't be available until late February early March, when I will be returning to work. So, I feel your pain ladies we can't all be lucky enough to live and work in Canada where you can get paid 55% of your salary for an entire year while on maternity leave.
  • I live in Texas and I receive 12 weeks FMLA, but have to use my own accrued time to cover my time at 100%.  

    I was hoping for some opinions on a matter.  I will be returning to work after my leave is complete and will have to keep our son in daycare.  I've had some suggestions to spend the last 2 weeks, or so, easing your baby into daycare to make the transition a little easier.
    Do any of you who aren't first time Moms have any suggestions?  
    I'm also considering spending my first 8 weeks specifically on leave for our son and I, then the next 2 weeks easing him into daycare, then possibly saving my other 2 weeks to ease myself into working full-time again with the hopes of working 4 days a week, long hours, and taking a day off every week.
  • I get 6 weeks no pay
  • I get 12 months off per child so I started with my last one 3 months before she was born. Now she's 7 months old, so I have 2 more months left, but I'm pregnant again so I'll probably work for a month, then go on leave again a couple of months before taking off with the next one.

    It really helps to have the time off as it gave us time with our first one (hubby works from home so we're both stay-at-home parents now). We're planning to buy a bigger house sometime after the next one gets here so having paid leave will definitely help with the move. My father took 9 months paternity leave when my brother was born so we could travel and bond as a family. He also took at least 2 months vacation every year to be with us growing up. I think having my father around all the time was far more valuable than any amount of money he could have made by working more. I hope my children understand the sacrifices that we are making so they can grow up in a family where they get to see their parents all the time. I meet parents who go back to work after only 6-12 weeks of maternity leave and I don't understand how they do it. I'd never work with someone who doesn't value family. I'd rather be poor and have my loved ones close than live in a mansion and only see them on the weekends. But, I've never really cared about money as much as most people. I see money as a way to buy freedom and if you don't take advantage of that freedom, the money is useless in my opinion.
  • My issue isn't with the pay, because I have over 4 months of paid leave saved up from having worked here so long without using my days off. But unfortunately I can't just take 4 months off without things falling apart at my work. By law, they would make do without me if I wanted to take 4 or more months off, but I just don't want to put them in that position. So I am going to take 3 months off.
  • Im in nj too. How did u get short term disability?what steps did u go through? Thanks
  • I'm hoping to get 8 weeks off but it's looking more like 6 is what I'll be able to take. I get no pay while off but it'll be worth it to be home with baby for a while.
    I only work 2-3 days a week and I honestly couldn't imagine not working and staying at home all the time. I love my job, I  worked hard for my degree, I love the adult interaction and helping people. 
    My mom worked 5 days a week and I went back and forth between grandparents and my aunt and uncles places growing up and it was fantastic. I want my daughter to be able to have a day at each grandparents a week and that's what will happen. 
  • I am very fortunate to work for T-Mobile. I  get 12 wk flma durring pregnancy. And 7wk of paid leave at 100% of pay. And all new Dad's get 3 wk of paid paternity leave. plus the ins is affordable and incredible
  • I recently dropped from 40 hours a week to 32. One less a day a week has helped a bit. I don't get paid maternity, or maternity leave, period, where I work. I'm very fortunate to be able to stay home with baby after I give birth and going back to work will more than likely be something I can put off until we're ready. 
    However, I'm feeling the urge to drop another day during the week. Any kind of stress in the workplace makes my blood sugar go nuts, which then makes my mood go nuts, which leads to feeling horrible physically as well as mentally. I've felt a bit inadequate during my pregnancy, as it seems that everything just so overwhelming and I'm not handling it well. 
    Does anybody else feel like they'd be "giving up" if they physically couldn't handle being at work anymore? 
  • I am very fortunate to work for T-Mobile. I  get 12 wk flma durring pregnancy. And 7wk of paid leave at 100% of pay. And all new Dad's get 3 wk of paid paternity leave. plus the ins is affordable and incredible
    I work for AT&T and we have a similar policy. As management, I get 6 weeks paid at 100%, up to an additional 6 weeks through FMLA (unpaid), I can take my accrued vacation time at full pay (I think I have 5 weeks) and then they offer an unpaid leave of absence for up to 12 months, where they basically just hold my job (not necessarily at my current location but within 35 miles of my home) for the rest of the year. We are planning on me taking off 6 weeks paid, 2 weeks vacation, and potentially 2 more weeks to put me at 10 weeks with LO. Taking 2 weeks off unpaid stresses me out, and so I cannot imagine being in a position where I was terrified to take off ANY time to bond with my new baby. :(
    My SO however works for a small company that offers him nothing. 1 week off unpaid. I can't imagine not having him at home merely a week after our baby is born.
  • I am self employed, so no "maternity leave" really. We saved our money so I don't have to worry about taking any work the entire month of April (4 weeks)....I am due April 30th.....I plan on resuming work 1/2 way into May, if all goes well. 
  • When I had my first son going on leave was easy. My employer was awesome. 

    I only got about 40% of my already small paycheck and my hubs was going to school. I didn't see a check until a month after the baby came. If we needed my paycheck and didn't have student loans to rely on, and if we weren't living with my parents, we couldn't have afforded to live. I honestly don't know how people do it. Maternity leave is a joke.
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  • I own my own business so no leave for me paid or otherwise. I basically have to give birth and go back to work I'm still trying to figure out what to do with a baby....
  • I own my own business so no leave for me paid or otherwise. I basically have to give birth and go back to work I'm still trying to figure out what to do with a baby....
    You have 3 kids you know what to do with a baby.... 
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  • Employers can do a better job with maternity leave. They have cut all benefits the last few years and most have not reinstated the cut benefits. Hopefully that will happen soon!
  • My employer pays for STD, so I get 70% of my pay, while out. Either 6 weeks for natural or 8 weeks for c section.  I plan to go back after 6 or 8 weeks, since I have been working at my job for just about a year (didn't expect to get pregnant so soon with baby girl!). There will be a temp in my position for that time, but they may end up keeping that person on since my boss does need an extra person in her office (my boss sits in another state and comes to my office once a week). 

    I feel bad for my husband. Hes been working at his company for 10 years, so he has lots of vacation time and is going to use whatever he has left (he'll have about 2 weeks). Well his time resets every year so it's not so bad.
  • I was at my last job for 3 years and they didn't even have paid maternity leave! The job required me to be on my feet constantly (no breaks), I had to deal with dramatic customers AND a drama filled work staff, and I had uterine fibroids. Yea some first pregnancy. Eventually I ended up quitting while I was 6 months and had to find part time work else where (call center) which I have to work until baby arrives . Pissed isn't even the word. Smh Paid maternity leave should be offered everywhere. I actually wanted to spend my last month preparing for my son and resting up, but now I have to work through discomfort and fibroid pains just to make ends meet.
  • I get 2 weeks covered by FMLA, which an be used 2 weeks before your estimated due date. Ti is paid. However, your actual leave time (considered as STD) does not start until he day you deliver. On that day, that is when your 8 weeks start. This is also paid.

    So, depending on when you actually deliver... you could have days that are not paid if it happens after the 2 weeks. However, you can use sick/vacation time for those days - if you have them.

    For me, I am taking the 2 weeks before and then the 8 weeks once I deliver. If I have any unpaid days, I hope to be able to use sick time for those, since I have 5 days of those left to use. I will have used all of my vacation before the 2 weeks prior as it needs to be used or else will be lost, and I am not banking on using them.

    I also plan to use some 2017 vacation time for any additional weeks I may want after the 8 weeks. This will all depend on when I deliver, and how close it is to the date LO starts daycare. I am crossing my fingers it's all close.

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  • I work for a small non profit and my boss advocated for us to offer maternity leave after I got pregnant. I get six weeks at 60% and will also be using up my sick and vacation time. I'm in NC and they have to hold your job for three months, so I will be taking that full time I just won't be getting paid for about seven weeks. My husband has been working a second job to cover that unpaid time off. My pregnancy was unplanned, so next time I'll be better prepared with a short term disability plan. 
  • Reading this is making me really depressed about the situation in the US, I honestly can't imagine leaving the baby and going back to work at 6, 8, 12 weeks. You girls are amazing. I'm in Poland and right now I've been off since my 5th month being paid 100% and then the maternity leave is 80% pay for a year - but it's not your employer that pays it, it's the public health care system... It's likely the one and only good thing about the government here!
  • lahayalahaya member
    I havent taken my maternity leave yet, butnthe whole process has been a headache!  No one in my company has ever taken time off for maternity leave, but there have been plenty of people taking paternity leave.  Most women in my industry in general will quit, or start their careers after their kids are school-aged.  We dont have maternity leave with the company, but i was able to save almost twelve weeks of combined PTO and sick-leave. All set, right?  Turns out not so much!  My company just sold to another, and time off will not roll over.  My PTO will pay out well before baby is due and i would lose all of my sick time. We’ll see what happens!  Fingers crossed the new company understands the plan and chooses to respect it. 
  • I am SO glad I live in New York.  We have a family leave plan that started in January.  Maternity is included in it and you are able to take 8 weeks at 50% pay, next year its 10 weeks at 55% and by 2022 it will be like 12 weeks at 75%.    As long as you have been at your employed for 6 months its required and can be used once every 12 month period.  I am due Nov 1st and my last day is Oct. 26 (its a desk job).  Then I will be coming back in early January. 
  • I get FMLA which is 12 weeks. December 13th I am going on maternity leave but not going back to work, until I am done with my associates degree. I will be looking for a better job.
  • I'm a waitress and have had so many problems between this pregnancy and my sick toddlers, my boss has put me on leave right at the start of my 3rd trimester. She's allowing me all the time I need, and my job will be held. However. I get 0 pay. I'm counting my lucky stars my wonderful man works so hard and is able and willing to support our family. Without him, I don't know how I'd ever manage.
  • I get nothing. Super small business, so no FMLA. I will take leave but I will have to work from home to keep getting any kind of paycheck. But when I come back i can bring baby to work with me so I don't have to deal with daycare costs.
  • I work in retail. I do pay for shirt term / long term disability. My company gives 4 weeks paid parental leave that i can tack on to what i get given the way i deliver. So i get at least 10 weeks. My fiance gets a week off to adjust per his company. Itll be tight while im off work but totally doable. I will return to working with cut down hours given child care needs. So at minimum 1 day a week so either his daddy or i have him. 
  • Work allows 12 weeks of unpaid leave after birth, unless I have time saved to use after birth. I can also apply for disability, 6-8 weeks depending on the type of birth. That 6-8 weeks will run at the same time as my 12 weeks. I think that's all pretty standard here in PA. 

    My issue was with modifying my duties at work after finding out I was pregnant. I work in law enforcement for a small dept. So they do not offer any type of light/desk duty. It was a hassle but I ended up applying for long term disability and I've been off of work since I was 12 weeks pregnant. I took a cut in pay but it was better than risking injury to the baby.
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