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Craniocyntosis? Does my baby's head look normal?

Is anyone familiar with it? My baby girl is five weeks old today and I've been a little concerned with the shape of her forehead since the first few weeks, but have dismissed it because her dad and his family all have protruding brows/foreheads. Now it's 2:30 in the morning and I'm scrolling through pictures of her and beginning to worry all over again! The indentation at her temples and brow bone concern me. I am definitely calling her pediatrician in the morning (the doctor hasn't said anything about her head shape, just that it's a little large) but I just wanted opinions from you ladies!

Pictures attached.
The nursing picture is so you can see her forehead with her eyebrows raised!

Re: Craniocyntosis? Does my baby's head look normal?

  • Yep, you're right! Hormones + sleep deprivation have made me nuts. I feel like a ridiculous goober for creating this post! I can't figure out how to delete though. :-/
  • I'm no doctor but she just looks adorable to me
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  • My little brother had that but it wasn't really diagnosed until he was a little older...I think around 3 or 4 months. He had surgery at 6 months and again I think around a year or year and a half. We were always told he'd need another one as a teenager but he never did. Looks totally "normal" and his hair covers his scar. Every now and then I worry about the same thing so you're not crazy!

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  • If your pedi hasn't been concerned I would assume her head is ok. But I'm no doctor. But if it is really bothering you ask the doctor.
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  • I went through the scare of craniosynostosis as the pedi told us he had it when he evaluated him right after birth. We were all worked up that he was definitely going to have to have surgery.

    Just saw the neurosurgeon last week who examined his head and did a skull X-ray to confirm that he doesn't have it!! We were ecstatic!

    If you are concerned about it, it definitely doesn't hurt to bring it up to the pedi. Good news is it's treatable if she were to have it, just sucks that the treatment is surgical for such a LO. Also if it's questionable now, know that as she grows it would become obvious as to whether or not she had it with how her skull continues to develop.

    I think she's adorable though. :)
  • My son had this. He was born without a soft spot & his head wasn't growing properly. His forehead protruded out more than normal and the shape of his head was football like. I was 16 when I had him, so when I mentioned it to the dr, they didn't listen. What the heck do I know at 16 right? I finally got someone to listen to me & he was diagnosed at 6 months and had surgery the day he turned 7 months. Because this condition is discovered by 6 weeks, I had to worry about developmental issues due to constricted brain growth. Lucky he didn't have any delays or deficits and is now a healthy & smart 12 year old. The photo of your baby from the side looks exactly like my sons little head did. I would definitely address it with your dr right away. I will try to post a photo of him when I get home.
  • Hi! Came across your post while doing my own panicked search. My daughter's head looks very similar to yours. Can you let me know how she's doing and what you've learned since? Thank you!
  • What ended up happening with everyone’s babies. My daughter looks the same.
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