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Possible allergy, not sure to what

Hi everyone. My daughter is 19 months and we still breastfeeding. She has MSPI which we have been aware of MPI since she was one month and SPI since six month. She never slept well, had digestive issues, reflux and blood in her stool which all got better once we removed milk and soy my diet. Recently about a month ago she started having horrible poops and sleep. They were not what I would classify as diarreah but pretty close. She would wake up from them every morning. Thinking back now, I was consuming a lot of eggs and toast at the time. 3 weeks ago I decided to try to eliminate gluten and wheat as well from our diets as well. Her symptoms have always been digestive and her stools have improved dramatically. She is having normal formed stools. However, when switching to the gluten free diet I have introduced a few new foods to her... Namely the gluten free breads. For the first few weeks we were using a light tapioca loaf bread which she didn't love but had no problems with. On my last shopping trip I spotted a gf white bread made by a different brand and scooped it up to try. She's been waking up the past few nights and today woke up with a hive in her cheek. I wasn't sure why the hive was there but it was only one so I wasn't thinking it was anything really. Yesterday I ate several things I hadn't had in the past month. Coconut milk (in a recipe and a smoothie I made) and Eggs in a quiche I made. I also gave my daughter said quiche for dinner and she ate a small amount of it. It had both eggs and coconut milk in it. I had some more of the quiche for breakfast and a chia seed "yogurt" I made for a snack this afternoon. My daughter had a gf cereal for breakfast and banana. I made my daughter some banana oatmeal pancakes for lunch (gluten free) but they had an egg in them. I didn't think anything of the egg at this point... I was thinking it was coconut milk that could possibly be the culprit. She seemed okay after lunch but I noticed a little while later she had several more hives on her face and a few on her leg. Then for dinner I made her a diya cheese sandwich grilled and some veggies that she didn't even eat. Almost immediately after the hive in her cheek got bigger and redder. I looked at the bread ingredients since this was the new bread and noticed it contains eggs where the first brand we were using did not. So, during her bath after dinner I noticed several more hives on her body. Leg, shoulder, wrist , trunk and face. I gave her some Benadryl. I'm wondering if she could have a possible egg allergy? Is it possible that she has had them before and not reacted and now does? She has never been a huge fan of eggs and never ate much. I was never a huge egg eater either so didn't eat them that often. Or could it be the coconut milk? I'm confused.

Re: Possible allergy, not sure to what

  • It could be anything. If you are suspecting eggs and/or coconut, you'll have to eliminate them from her diet for a few weeks and then re-introduce one at a time, waiting a few days in between.
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  • Update...the facial hives were worse this morning and were not responding to Benadryl. We saw doc who said it was not food related but virus related. Tonight she spiked a fever so I'm confident that it was not from food eaten. Thanks for your input.
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