November 2012 Moms

Walking Dead anyone?

Reunited and it feels so good!

What do you guys think?

I loved this episode! I hated last season with everyone split up. I'm glad everyone was reunited. I'm sure we'll see Beth later down the road. This series likes to bring back characters from the past. I hope Morgan is an ally instead of an enemy. He looked like a ninja at the end of the episode. I think they'll bring back the survivors from Terminus in some bad way.

I loved how badass Carol was! She saved the group from Terminus, even though the whole torpedo launch was a little far fetched. I liked how she left Terminus Mary to be eaten by the walkers. Her hug with Rick was touching. I hate seeing Judith in danger, but I agree that it'd be too cruel to kill her now. Judith and Rick's reunion was so sweet! But how are they keeping Judith alive with enough food and diapers. Judith sure looks small for being on the show for over one season.

I hear this season is action packed and has some gut wrenching episodes. Someone big could die. I hope it's not Daryl. He is by far my most favorite character. By the way, Daryl always seems to have a special bond with Carol. Do fans want to see them as a couple? I always thought Carol looked too old for Daryl, but that's just my opinion.    

I like seeing the characters on commercials/promos or on The Talking Dead. I never knew Rick had an accent until he was on the Talking Dead last year. And Maggie is absolutely gorgeous in real life. The girls don't get to look pretty or wear makeup on the show, so it's nice to see them dressed up.

I love my Sunday nights. I can put DD to bed and then enjoy the show. When I want to rewatch the shows, I can't do that when DD is with me. It's too violent for her. Our toddlers are growing up fast and taking in everything. 

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