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PSA: sams club wipe recall

Sorry if someone already posted but Simply Right wipes manufactured June 30 and later are recalled for possible bacterial contamination. Stop using and return what's left to sams for a refund. Walmart might be included too. I am not sure. :(

Re: PSA: sams club wipe recall

  • Yeah, it's 100 kinds of not okay. I called and apparently the diapers are also included. The rep told me it was just a precaution to recall the diapers, but I really didn't believe him. I couldn't find anything on the sams club website, which I thought was pretty scummy. They really need to advertise this better! When my membership is up I'll probably switch to Costco. It's not right how they are handling it.

    I'm so sorry this is another worry for the CF community to have to cope with. Sending supportive thoughts and prayers.

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    @bostonkisses‌: I will say they were super shady when I returned the diapers... Like these aren't technically recalled because they're still being tested for contamination, but we will take them back to be nice. Ummmm... I don't think I'll be using anything on my kid that even might be contaminated.

    And, yes, there's a huge difference between unavoidable environmental risks and avoidable risks that only occur due to negligence. Something you use on a baby's skin should be safe and clean.

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