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How annoying do you get?

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AF just had to show up on a Saturday making today CD3. So I should be having my baseline today but no. So I called right when the office opened, at like 9:02. So instead of just scheduling it, they want me to leave the nurse a VM. It's 2:30 and still no call back. I'm giving them a little bit before I call. I know its Monday and they are busy.

I just feel like I can't trust them not to waste my time. What if I didn't know I needed this? What if I didn't know all I've learned doing my own research? Like last cycle, I had to be the one to tell them I had to use a mail-order pharmacy for injects. I had to be on their ass for 3 days to get that ordered and then we had to overnight it. I just wish they were giving me detailed instructions instead of me having to say 'hey I need this'. I'm just so scared of the devastation of a wasted cycle.

I know I'm an adult. I know I'm a paranoid control freak and impossible to please. I know I need to chill.

I do like this RE. They are FAR better than my last. I love the doctor.

I'm just stressing waiting on the call. I think I'll go be annoying now.
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Re: How annoying do you get?

  • I agree. Call them back, especially since the u/s and b/w is day-specific. You've given ample time for them to return your calls, even for a Monday.

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    Cycle 2 (Dec 2014): 5 mg Letrozole/Ovidrel/TI - BFN

    Cycle 3 (Jan 2015): 5mg Letrozole/Ovidrel/TI - BFN

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  • I would call back. When I first started seeing my ex RE I always worried about being annoying, I had a ton of questions. Sometimes they made me feel like a pest. One day I thought about it and the money I'm spending OOP, not to mention my health, then my fear of being a pest went right out the window. You're not annoying, you're advocating for yourself.

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  • I would totally call!  I always tell myself that me and my insurance are paying too much money to that office for them not to answer my questions lol 

    I had a similar issue with some blood work and I was waiting back and I knew the office closed at 4 so I called around 3:30 to ask about it.  They didn't have the results back and the nurse assured me they didn't forget about me but it was crucial because I was adjusting my follistim dose.  
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                         - Both of us on antibiotics to treat ureaplasma
                         - Blood work - progesterone: 15.9, TSH: 0.89, FT4: 1.2, Prolactin: 33.4 
    Feb 2014   - Endometrial Biopsy - Normal
    Mar 2014   - Prolactin: 22.9, referred to RE
    Apr 2014   - First RE appointment, put on medication for high prolactin levels 
                      - Clomid (50 mg) 1 follicle, Trigger shot - BFN
                      - Second SA - All Normal, borderline morph (5%) 
    May 2014   - Clomid (100mg) 2 follicles, Trigger shot - BFN
                      - blood work: Estradiol: 32.7, FSH: 5.3, Prolactin: 14.1
    June 2014  - IUI #1, Clomid (150 mg), 3 follicles, Trigger shot - BFN 
    July 2014   - IUI #2, Clomid (150 mg), 4 follicles, Trigger shot - BFN
    Aug 2014   - IUI #3, Femara 2.5, 3 follicles, Trigger shot (first time done by DH!!) - BFN
                      - Hysteroscopy - Normal
    Sept 2014 - IUI #4 Femara 2.5, 1 follicle, possibility of another one, Trigger shot - BFN
                       -Progesterone test 4 DPIUI - 7.8...started crinone.
    Oct 2014 - IUI #5 Follistim 150 3 possibly 4 follicles - Trigger Shot - BFN
    Oct/Nov 2014 - Follistim 150 with TI & Trigger shot - ???

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  • I would call back, but don't worry too much.  Baseline u/s and bw can be done CD 2,3, or 4.


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  • I hadn't even really thought to look at it from that standpoint because our insurance is paying 100% right now but you're right. My husband works hard at his job for that insurance and we DO pay for it. I'll remember that next time I need to get fired up!

    I will take charge and be an annoying control freak if I want :)

    I did call back and get it scheduled for tomorrow morning. They said they do them day 3,4 or 5. I don't know why I had it in my head it had to be day 3.

    Thanks girl, you really did make me feel better!
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  • The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Squeak away! I would definitely call. Instead of viewing it as you being annoying, look at it as they are dropping the ball. Them dropping the ball and getting annoyed with you for reminding them that they need to get off their asses =/= you actually being annoying. Don't feel bad for doing what you need to do for your health. You should be annoyed with them for not calling you back.
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  • I am annoyed with them. Which stresses me out. I've had my fair share of awful experiences with medical staff. My husband's urologist, they made me cry more than once. I'm just gun shy now. I get nervous every time I have to speak to them on the phone. I have to practice what I'm gonna say beforehand. Ugh.

    Not much I can do about it except educate myself and make them do their jobs. Take care of me.
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  • Keep calling!  Stay on them.  You need to look out for you and not even begin to worry about them.  I know how frustrating it is to having to keep calling and harassing them and feeling like you're being annoying, but honestly I've gotten to the point where I really don't care.  They need to take care of their end and we're paying them way too much for them to drag their feet and not be on top of everything.  Stand up for yourself and hold them accountable.  You deserve it and so much more!
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    HSG Test: 9/2/14
    RE Appt to discuss results and treatment: 9/8/14
    Shocking BFP: 9/27/14
    D&C: 10/17/14
    Benching myself until we fully heal
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  • I agree with everything everyone has said. This is one of my biggest issues. I hate being a pest, and I hate not having control over a situation. I also hate how nurses and doctors make me feel like a number, and how I feel guilty for taking up their time. I have to remind myself that I am allowed to ask my doctor questions during my ultrasound because she always seems like she is rushing out the door. Anyways, just adding my own rant, but this is something that makes me so upset.

    I am glad that you called your RE and got your appointment scheduled!
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    November 2014: Benched due to cyst :(
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  • Gosh, I need to print this tread off and read it every once in a while. I DO need to stand up for myself!

    I'm still not saying anything to the waitress if my food is screwed up. Those people will spit on your burger!
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  • @mshandlebar that's exactly how I feel! I'm glad I'm not alone...thank you.
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  • Don't feel bad calling, and don't feel like it's unreasonable to force them to monitor you on the day you need it. (although I agree with pp that cd4 is just fine) I'm also on cd3 today, so I had similar issues about trying to schedule an appointment for monitoring when the office was closed over the weekend. I left them a voicemail. I was stressed out about it - but they called me around 7:15am this morning and told me I had an 8:45am appointment. I just thought that was normal but now after reading your story I feel lucky that they're so good about getting me in. Anyway I'm just throwing that out there as an example of how other offices handle this exact same situation - if my office can do it, so can yours, so don't feel bad pestering them until they give you the medical care you deserve.
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    My husband was diagnosed with state IV colon cancer in 2009. Surgery and six rounds of chemo left him in remission (yay!) but with low testosterone. He took Androgel for two years starting in Jan 2011.
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    -varicocelectomy in June 2013
    -SA in Dec 2013: 23mil/ml, really low morph
    -SA in March 2014: Count doubled! Morphology apparently no longer an issue.

    April 2014: hysteroscopy
    June 2014: TI (clomid/bravelle/ovidrel: 2 folliclces) = BFN
    July 2014: IUI#1 (clomid/bravelle/ovidrel; 1 follicle, 23mil post-wash) = BFN
    August 2014: IUI#2 (clomid/bravelle/ovidrel; 1 follicle, 43mil post-wash) = BFN
    September 2014: IUI#3 (clomid/bravelle/ovidrel; 2 follicles, 15mil post-wash) = BFN
    October 2014: IUI#4 (clomid/bravelle/ovidrel; 1-2 follicles, 12mil post-wash) = BFN
    November 2014: IUI#5 (clomid/bravelle/ovidrel: 1 follicle, 23mil post-wash) = BFN
    December 2014: IUI#6 (gonal-f/ovidrel): 2 follicles, 55mil post-wash) = ???

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  • That would be lovely @moto611 ! Thank your lucky stars they are that on top of things!
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  • curve31 said:
    I'm still not saying anything to the waitress if my food is screwed up. Those people will spit on your burger!
    MH won't let me complain at a restaurant for this very reason lol!!
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