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prominent nuchal fold??

Hello ladies! On my 10 week ultrasound, the tech noted a prominent nuchal fold and said I need to have another ultrasound in 2 weeks.  I am scared now because I read that this is a marker for a chromosomal abnormality.  Does anyone have experience with this to share? 

Re: prominent nuchal fold??

  • I do not have any experience with hearing that kind of news, but wanted to let you know I am sorry you are going through all of this. It must be really stressful and scary not to have the answers and having to wait.

    I just got done with my NT scan last week and everything is normal with that and blood work. I do know that there have been several people on this board where their babies had thicker folds and turned out to be normal and healthy. I hope that is the case with yours as well. Also...make sure you get some if the genetic testing blood work done with the NT scan. It will be further assurance for you hopefully.
  • Hi! I'm so sorry you're going through this! At my NT scan (11weeks) back in 2012, my daughter had an NT measurement of 4.0. I was told there was a 1/5 chance she had a chromosomal abnormality so I opted for the CVS. In 48 hours, we knew she was negative for T21. T13, T18 and Turners. Within 2 weeks, her full work up came back normal. I went back for a f/u scan at 14 weeks and everything looked fine. After an echocardiogram at 22 weeks (heart defects can cause elevated NT), there was nothing so we returned to the "normal risk" pool. My point is, these tests, while often helpful, can cause undue fear and worry. At 17 months, she is perfectly healthy! Personally, for peace of mind, I needed to have the CVS done. But there is a risk of miscarriage so the blood test may be more favorable to you. Thoughts and prayers!
  • DS2 had a large nuchal fold and some other soft markers as well.  I ended up having the blood test done as well as the echocardiogram done - both came back fine.  He was born perfectly healthy at 39 wks.  I agree with @aliandchris the testa due create undue fear and worry when they are not giving answers only increase risks factors. 

    Speak to your doctor and determine what type of further testing is right for you.  I choose the MT21 blood test over the amino or cvs because I had a previous PPROM and could be more at risk for miscarriage and because of other factors my MFM thought that I would get accurate results from the blood test. Also before any test/procedure ask how the outcome will effect your/baby's care during the pg.  In my case the MFM would give me the same care (extra ultrasounds, echo cardiogram, ect) and I would deliver at the same hospital (level 4 NICU available) - whether the amino came back showing any abnormalities or if I didn't have the amino.  If this would have been different it would have affected my choice.

    My son is now a happy healthy 2 year.  I hope the same for you.


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  • Wally3 brings up a great point in that CVS and amnio do carry risk of miscarriage so you do have to weigh that into your decision. I was told by the genetic counselor that they wouldn't even bother with the blood test because of the high measurement (turns out that is completely inaccurate.) My husband was at work as this was our second child (my son was 14 months at the time) so I told him not to take the day off. I felt pressured into doing the CVS right then but I also know that my personality couldn't tolerate a longer wait for results. I was at a top 5 hospital in the country so care was top notch but this 1 ultrasound made my 2nd/last pregnancy scary, stressful, and paranoid. While I appreciate knowledge is power, it can also be confusing! Hang in there, mama!
  • At my pre-screening at 12 weeks my babies NT measured at a high 5.5...I was immediately sent for another u/s at a children's hospital and had a follow up appt with a physician and a genetics counsellor. The appt was one week later and the Nt went down to 3.3 so while we were a bit relieved for the drastic drop it was still elevated. I too opted out of finishing that screening (more blood work) and instead had a viral screening and the NIPT harmony screening done. These were about a week and a half ago so I am anxiously awaiting the results. It has been a crazy couple of weeks for us. What will your next steps be?? If this provides any relief at all, which it has for me over the the past 2 weeks, the normal nt measuremt is different around the world and also between hospitals. I am from ontario canada and my 2nd measurement of 3.3 would be considered normal at mount Sinai hospital which is just an hour away! I believe the normal measurement in the uk is also 3.5, I've also read about numerous moms who had high nts and their babies are perfectly healthy today. I hope these points provide a bit of peace as they did for me and I look forward to following your story! I will keep in touch as well.
  • Sorry I just re read your post and saw that your next step is another ultrasound :) let me know how that goes and try to find some peace and comfort til then!
  • My baby had an 8.5mm nuchal reading at 12 weeks & 2 days. I went to a specialist Hospital a couple of days later to have a CVS and got the results back the following day that my daughter had Turner Syndrome. This was easy to deal with, after speaking to a work colleague who's 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with it at the age of 3 & it hasn't affected her yet (obviously the fertility issues may present a problem in the future). However, my little one's fluid (Cystic Hygroma) has been growing steadily ever since & has become hydropic which doesn't bode well for her tho after being told she wouldn't make it to my CVS appointment or 16th week, I'm full of hope! Whenever they checked last, it was 18.5mm at 13 weeks & 5 days. My last appoint was about 2 weeks after that & they were examining her heart & didn't measure it but said it looked about the same so I was pleased it hadn't grown drastically like before. I hope this means it's on it's way to resolving! 
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