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Having two makes sleep training absolutely awful. As soon as one finally falls asleep the other wakes up hysterical. Poor babies. I know it's for the best and I need this but it's not easy to go through! Any advice on surviving?

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  • I sleep one in another room in a PnP most of the time for this reason. Good luck!

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  • We're starting this soon (probably around 6 months, so just a few more weeks). And I'm really worried about it too. They luckily go down okay on their own, but don't STTN and still wake to eat and wake each other up. I think I'm going to have to take a couple of days off and send my daughter to my mom's house for the first few days. Hang in there, mama.
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  • For us, they eventually learned to sleep through each other's cries. It took a few days but if you ultimately want them in the same room, I've read that you should sleep train them in the same room. It's so hard listening to them cry but if you do the cry it out method, they will learn to self soothe. And be consistent!! I'm really bad about going in to check on them but then they know I'm going to come in if they cry. Have you read any sleep training books? I read "healthy sleep habits, happy twins" and there's a few methods talked about if you aren't comfortable with CIO. Good luck! My boys are almost 11 months and still not STTN but we are getting there!

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  • Ok call me stupid but I have no clue what sleep training is. I'm a FTM and not exactly sure what I'm doing.
  • I also heard a lot that you should sleep train them in the same room because otherwise once they learn alone and you put them back in the same room, they will wake each other up and you'll have to go through that again. For us it was one bad night but we actually still did get some sleep. After that they cried for a few minutes a few times the next night but it was great after that. It's been the BEST thing we did for our marriage, parenting and sanity! With twins it's just too hard to not have the kids sleep because there is no taking turns. Every now and then someone has a bad dream or something but they both love their sleep and will always go back to sleep on their own. Bedtime can be a happy time! But yes, they learned from the sleep training to ignore the other one's cries so I suggest just doing it all in one room. 
  • It's not easy but be consistent and it does work! Also you know your babies, mine cried worse and longer when I came in to do checks. I realized this and let them cry as long as it took which thank god was at the most 20 minutes, each minute is torture! I had my DH there for support because it's so hard and he is stronger at listening to it than I was. I tried to remember as well what my mom told me when I first brought them home and was feeling overwhelmed "a little crying has never killed anyone". Not that they should be crying for hours but if they are safe and it helps them learn to sleep on their own they will be much happier and so will you!

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