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Question for those who have had repeat C-sections?

I had a c-section for the birth of my son after being in labor and pushing for 5 hours with no luck. I was really tired after the delivery and felt it took a long time to heal from my c-section. Generally I didn't like the c-section (I really hated how it felt when they pulled him out). Now I am pregnant again (yay!) but terrified about delivery. My midwife says I am a good canidate for a Vbac but that I am "narrow down there" and have a poster pelvis (not too sure what this means) but to me, this doesn't sound promising. I am scared of another long labor ending a c-section and am thinking about a repeat c-section. My questions are: Were you less tired having a repeat rather than an emergency c-section after labor? How well were you able to deal with your toddler while recovering from your c-section? Does anyone regret having a repeat and wish they would have tried for a vbac? Thanks!


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Re: Question for those who have had repeat C-sections?

  • Mmmmm, I want a cookie!! hahaha! Thank you, your post was really good for me to read. I like your idea about using a step stool (I will remember this). My husband is also in school and will not be able to take any time off to help me. I have a lot of family in town though and will have to ask for help. Our family will be complete after this baby. I am really afraid to Vbac for the same reason you mentioned, ending up in a c-section anyways. I am really on the fence about it all, thank goodness I have a ways to go:) Thank you!


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  • I've had four c-sections now. I am sometimes a little sad that I'll never 'give birth' in a traditional way but after I get done with my pity party I remember that it was what was best for myself and all four kids. I didn't ever try to VBAC and only heard horror stories from people I know IRL so that swayed me.

    I am 10 days post c-section and am back to picking up DD#3 (about 21-22 lbs) on occasion. I had help for a few days (at the hospital 3, DH home two, my mom for two, my sister for one and DH again for the weekend) but this weekend DH kinda stayed back and let me try things so I knew what I was capable of without the worry of something going wrong while I was alone with the kids.
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  • The recovery from a planned csec is soooo much easier than an "emergency" csec. I was in labor for 36 hours with my first and when my water had been broken for 24 hours they took her by csec to avoid infection. And thank god because she was an 11.1 pound baby.
    I opted for an RCS for my second because of the size of my first. He was only 9.8 but I do not feel as though I missed out not trying for a VBAC. The surgery was quick and the spinal was better for me than the epidural. I felt a lot less pulling and tugging.
    I felt so much better after my second that I probably overdid it but had no adverse effects. My girl was 17 months when my boy was born. I am anxious about my 3rd Csec as it is major surgery and the stakes are higher but the one thing I am not too worried about is the recovery. Luckily my 2 kids will be 3 and 5 when this one is born so they don't really need me to lift them most of the time now and they are pretty self sufficient.

  • I had a scheduled section 1st and then tried for a vbac which actually ended up with emergency section and I actually ruptured, so it was obviously way worse recovery, but, I just wanted to say the scheduled section recovery was actually not bad at all and the whole experience was a joy, and as for recivering with a toddler, even after the rupture we made it work.... Toddlers are surprisingly resilient.
  • I had a better (not easier) recovery with my VBAC than my emergency csection. It was really hard for me not to pick up my toddler which I did anyway. She was a big girl and wanted to help a lot. I had a lot of anxiety before my RCS to the point of puking the morning of it before they even had me in the OR. I wasn't as tired and I was able to hold my baby an hour afterward.
  • I labored for 18 hours with my 1st before they realized he was stuck & wouldn't come out. My hips were too narrow to deliver as well. My OB didn't feel it'd be a good idea to try a VBAC with my 2nd because of my 1st son getting stuck. Plus once she went over the risks of a VBAC (uterine rupture, etc) I decided for a repeat CS. It was easier the 2nd time. I scheduled my CS but went into labor beforehand so they went forward with my CS when I started laboring. Only bad thing with my 2nd CS is that they cut me vertically because of a cyst they needed to remove on my ovary, so recovery sucked because it was harder to wear pants with the vertical scar.
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