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For starters!!!

oatmeal cereal or rice cereal?

Re: For starters!!!

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    aditigirl said:
    Neither until after 6 months. We did regular old oatmeal after 6 months. The "cereals" are a gimmick, IMO.
    Not to hijack this post but..... 

    I was wondering this same question too. Can you explain why you think it's a gimmick? I'm inclined to skip straight to veggies but  my doctor suggested rice cereal, so I'm conflicted. 

  • Oatmeal is slightly healthier, but there's nothing that says you need to start with cereal. Rice tends to be more constipating. Oatmeal helps them poop. And don't wait beyond 6 months. That's not recommended for a variety of very good reasons. (Kind of like car seats, where people heard about latch and thought latch plus seatbelt was twice as safe when it's less safe, lots of people don't want to start solids too early and actually wait too long, thinking they are being even healthier. They aren't.)
  • I did started my baby on solid, shes pooping more, but it's been thick like toothpaste the past two days is that normal??? :-? :-SS
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