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11 month old not pulling self up ....?

First I would just like to say that, I know that all babies are different and hit milestones etc at different ages. But I can't help and wonder about my little guy. 
My DS is 11 months old, still doesn't crawl on all fours, which I know not all babies do. He army crawls. He still hasn't pulled himself up yet or learned how to get into a sitting position on his own. Should he be able to do that by now? or is it ok/ "normal" for him still not be doing it at his age. 
I like to add that he does walk when you're holding his hands, he walks with his push walker. He also cruises the furniture when placed there. He even takes a few steps if you stand him up. (Not always but sometimes, he is getting better). I am assuming he won't officially learn how to walk until he can at least get himself up off the floor. 
Anyone else's little one like this? is there maybe a way of motivating him to pull himself up? or should I just relax and let nature take its course lol

Re: 11 month old not pulling self up ....?

  • (:  I'm sure it'll be fine to let nature take it's course  - with a little encouragement from you.  I don't think there's a need to be concerned about being able to get himself standing on  own just yet if he's using you or the furniture to do so.  Of course you can always check with the doctore at his 12 month visit.

    We let our son hold our finger for suupport walking and gradually removed our finger. We also would sit a few feet apart and help him to get his balance so he could walk the few steps to the other parent.  Of course, also, there has to be an interest and no point frustrating him.  With our son, he saw his brother walking and the other kids at the daycare walking so he was motivated to learn and we affirmed him when he didn't quite get it. I'd say it took about 6 weeks to get where we are now where he walks pretty well unaided.

    My other son army crawled but ended up walking before his brother.  It seems to me, that they figure out what works for them in terms of movement to get them where they want to go and they work with that until they realize walking can get them there even faster.

    Success to you

  • thanks so much for replying! 
    I actually do that the finger trick. As well a friend showed me using a cup towel for him to hold onto. That way he has to find his balance a bit more, but has something a hold so he doesn't fall. 
    Today I started encouraging him to stand from sitting. I would hold his hands up so far and then he would do the rest. Even tried putting some toys and my cell phone on the coffee table to see if he would try. But he usually loses interest and will go for a toy that is on the floor lol. 
  • It sounds like he's doing lots of great things!

    My son is 10.5 months (was a preemie). He's still just rolling over and sitting up :)
  • My DS is 12 mo.  Didn't start to crawl on all 4s until 2 weeks ago.  Didn't pull up until last week.  I know, its stressful having a late bloomer! 
  • This is my first time posting on this board from Dec13 I'm in the same boat with the late bloomer DD does scooting and rolling to get where she wants and hasn't really tried pulling herself up ever yet My nephew who is a month younger crawls everywhere and is about to be walking on his own any day. It's very frustrating when we're around each other but her time will come She's still very content sitting with toys around her unlike her boy cousin who wants to be into everything. Our dr told us his youngest didn't walk until 13 1/2 months and started crawling at 15 months so he assures me we probably have nothing to worry about
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