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Bronchitis and NICU?

A little background first: I had a 30 weeker last pg, and she had a 7 week NICU stay. This pg, I'm 33.5w (and pretty surprised to have made it this far), and I'm not showing any major signs of delivering soon, but I know from experience that it could be any day. The issue I'm having is that I have bronchitis and have had this cough for 4 weeks. What happens if I deliver early and still have bronchitis, or even a slight lingering cough? Will I be allowed to go to the NICU?? I'm worried about that, bc I know the general policy of sickness in the NICU. Our NICU is one where each baby has their own room, if that makes any difference. Anyone who's been there, done that, I'd love to hear your experience--in terms of seeing baby, holding baby, nursing, etc. TIA.

Re: Bronchitis and NICU?

  • You'll have to check with your hospital. Ours was very strict, absolutely no illnesses, so you wouldn't have been allowed in. But we didn't have individual rooms, either, so I don't know if that factors in.
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