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Intro and feeling overwhelmed

Hi, I am coming over to this board because yesterday my daughter had positive reactions to some tree nuts during her allergist appt. Although there were only a few that had a positive reaction, her dr recommends eliminating all tree nuts from her diet. I have begun doing research, but it is starting to get overwhelming because there so many things that contain tree nuts. I just dont know where to start! I know I want to create a list of tree nuts for the fridge, so we have a quick reference when looking at new foods, but other than that I have no idea what I am doing.

Are there any online resources that may be helpful? I would also appreciate any suggestions you may have about how to make this transition less overwhelming.

Oh...Her dr did prescribe an epipen just in case we ever need it, which does ease my mind a little.
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Re: Intro and feeling overwhelmed

  • It's overwhelming at first, but does get easier. I like They have a ton of info. If you click on About Food Allergies and the Tree Nuts section under allergens, you'll find some good info on what to look for on labels. There's also a helpful PDF you can download.

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  • is a great resource for selecting safe foods. DD is peanut allergic. We do a lot more cooking from scratch than we did before. It's overwhelming at first, but you get into a rhythm with time.

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