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Home insurance question

For the record I'm in Canada so our home insurance rules may be very different but I'm hoping to get advice anyway. Also, sorry this is so long! 

Back in May our dishwasher leaked. It caused a ton of damage to our finished basement that was quickly repaired. It also damaged our hardwood floor in the kitchen. The insurance company sent out a property restoration company immediately and they set up dehumidifiers and fans to help dry out the wood. The area right in front of the dishwasher dried out very well and you basically would never know anything happened. About a foot away however there is a large hump in the floor caused by the wood expanding and just not drying flat again. I notice it every time I walk in the kitchen (and it makes a loud creaking noise now!) and I can also see it as I come up the stairs from the entry way. A person just coming to the house knowing nothing would probably never notice, but it all drives me insane!! 

The insurance company has left it a long time hoping that it would settle more. It hasn't. Finally a couple weeks ago they had an independent hardwood specialist come take a look at it. The intention was to determine if they could match the wood close enough to just replace the kitchen area (we have an open plan and the hardwood is the entire main level of our house), or refinish the entire floor to level out the hump. After having the specialist here I was leaning toward wanting to refinish. Our floor is an exotic acacia and I worry that it wouldn't match and would be an obvious patch job. Regardless he was going to try to source the wood to see exactly where we stand as far as options go. 

Today our claims adjuster called. He said that our flooring is going to be basically impossible to match because it has abnormal width and thickness and because of the unique look it has. So he said now the specialist is preparing quotes to either have the entire floor re-finished or replace all the wood. He'll then present the quotes to the insurance company and go from there. 

So, after all that background here's my question!! In insurance claims how much choice does the homeowner have over the course of action. I've been considering the possibility of them re-finishing it and I'm not happy with that option. It basically will just even out the hump but won't fix the problem underneath the wood where it's warped and there will still be the loud creaking. Also, the specialist said that because he'll have to sand down that area so much we will lose the beveled edge in that spot which I think will look dumb! I raised these concerns with the claims adjuster and he agreed with me. But I'm basically at the mercy of the insurance company right? I would assume that refinishing will price out a lot cheaper than replacing so that's the option that the insurance company will choose. 

Anyway just looking for feedback I guess on how much "power" we have over the final decision? 
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Re: Home insurance question

  • If they refuse to do it your way you could always tell them that you will pay the difference and then just have the contractors fix it the way you want it done.   Expect your premiums to go up too. Our premiums almost doubled the year after our kitchen flooded.
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