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2 scars

Doctor made a new incision during second c section. I was wondering if this would affect future pregnancies? Also, does that mean I have two scars on my uterus now? I meant to ask at 6 week checkup but had so many questions I forgot to bring this one up.

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  • IDK if this will help, but I am told that they try to use the same spot. If not, then yes, they will make another incision and you will have 2 scars. You may still have only one incision site on your uterus. I would definitely ask. 

    From what I understand, yes, it can increase your risk of the uterus opening a bit... because there are 2 sites instead of 1. Still, that is something you need to discuss with your OB. Ask about specifics in your case, not a "in general".

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  • I got my surgery notes from the hospital and it doesn't say in them. I don't know that he would remember since it's been two months. I've already had my 6 week checkup. How should i go about finding out?
  • I don't think it's that big of a deal if you have 2 scars on your uterus or not. I think it would only matter if you were thinking about a VBAC next time. I had a vertical incision on my uterus with my first CS, but still had a bikini cut on the outside.  When I had my second CS, they told me they would do a low lying incision on my uterus (the normal cut) the second time around.  Therefore, I have an upside down T scar on my uterus.  I thought it would be better to stick with just the one type of cut, and reuse the vertical incision, but they actually said it was safer to do a low lying incision than reuse the old vertical one.  The second CS was done early with the low lying incision, since my pervious vertical incision puts you at greater risk of uterine rupture. 

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  • I actually would like to try for a vba2c next time. Vbac didn't work out for me with this pregnancy. Would having two scars put me at greater risk of placenta accreta? I plan on making an appointment and asking all of this if we decide to TTC again but I have all or the questions on my mind now.
  • I have 2 scars from 2 C-sections.  My uterus does show the 2 scars (seen by transvaginal u/s).  I am pregnant with my 3rd and there has been no concern over the previous 2 scars.

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