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Inviting employers or supervisors to baby shower?

Hi all,

I am so fortunate to be having a shower thrown for me by a good friend!  Our baby, first of course, is due in March and the shower will be in January.  I've learned a lot from reading this board.  Previously, I would have worried that I should be helping, or offering to pay for stuff in order to be a good guest of honor.  Honestly, I'm relieved to stay out of it as long as doing so doesn't cause her any headaches. She has asked for my input in planning - I have tried to make sure she knows I'm thankful and open to whatever works for her, and give her inexpensive/easy suggestions when she's asked me.

She did want me to give her a list of guests and contact information.  I was wondering if there is any etiquette surrounding inviting your employers or supervisors to a shower?  I've seen it discussed where it can be awkward to invite subordinates, but I wasn't sure about the other way around.  The guest list will not be huge (15-20 people at the most), but I am fairly close to both of the ladies in question:

#1 - My teaching supervisor - knows about DH's and my fertility struggles and we've confided in each other quite a bit over the last few years.  We tend to get lunch and stuff like that occasionally.  She will know a couple of the other guests, including the host.

#2 - the mom of the family I babysit for - I also consider her a good friend and she has been tremendously supportive during this pregnancy.  She will not know the other guests but she has talked about wanting to meet more friends - she is newish to the area and is very busy as a working mom.

Another point about woman #2, unrelated to the fact that she is my employer, is that she has been tremendously generous with giving us stuff (clothes and some pretty big items), and I would certainly not want her to think that what she's already giving us isn't enough. 

Thanks in advance for your input!  

Re: Inviting employers or supervisors to baby shower?

  • Based on what you posted I would invite the teaching supervisor since you seem to hang out with outside of work and she will know people there.

    The same does not seem to be true for the second lady so I would likely not invite her.

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  • Thanks for the responses!  Even though I realize that no one is dying to attend my shower :)  I still worry about not inviting someone who might expect to be invited, even though I know it's silly.  I am prone to over thinking this stuff, but I'm pretty confident no one on my list would be the least bit surprised to be invited (and I have a huge extended family, and will not be burdening the host with them with the exception of my mom and MIL).  That being said, it might be best not to invite #2, though of course I've given her a thank you note for her generosity - it blew us away.  
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