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Estrogen and Progesterone levels

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Hi ladies! Question, did you get your E2 and Progesterone levels each time a beta was taken? If so, would you mind sharing what they were? My betas are doubling at a great rate and my progesterone has been increasing, but my E2 dropped a tiny bit so I'm wondering if it's possible/normal for the E2 levels to fluctuate a tiny bit. I've read that they should overall increase steadily throughout the first trimester. I don't get my bloods rechecked for another week so I'm nervous about my E2 dropping. I'm 5 weeks 1 day, 1st fresh IVF. Thanks :)

Beta #1: HCG 232, E 1847, P 147
Beta #2: HCG 1324, E 2068, P >160 (3 days later)
Beat #3: HCG 4965, E 1900, P > 160 (3 days later)

Re: Estrogen and Progesterone levels

  • I did not have my E2 and P4 levels drawn with my betas. Betas are nerve wracking enough nevermind adding in two other levels and trying to read into tho. I think your betas look great and wouldn't make too much of the E2 and P4 levels at this point. Your u/s will be the best indicator of how things look now. Good luck!

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    I had progesterone drawn once and that was it.
    Your betas look good so try to enjoy it!
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  • thanks ladies, i'm a natural worrier and after four years of trying and this being my first positive ever, i just can't help but worry over every little thing! i need to learn how to relax!
  • Since I had a FET the only estrogen I'm getting is from medication. My RE is actually weaning me off. They started off around 2000 when they were checking my betas. Tuesday at 6w3d my e2 was 500 and he told me to decrease another patch. My progesterone has ranged from 40-60, I haven't decreased any PIO yet and he told me that would be closer to 12 weeks before I do.

    I agree with everyone else, your betas look good. I wouldn't worry about your estrogen.
    Fucking bump!!!!
  • thanks @pintobean39, very helpful!
  • They took E2 and P4 every time for me, as well.  It gave me a big scare when my E2 went from around 2000 down to 100...but then after they switched up my estrogen meds, it went up to like 4000.  They told me it does fluctuate, but my drop was pretty unusual.  

    Needless to say, all ended up being ok, and your drop is minimal.  So I wouldn't worry.At one point my RE said anything above 400 is still safe, but they ideally like to see it over 1000.  And most of the people I knew who did IVF didn't even have E2 checked, so who knows how crutial it really is.

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