Anyone have high amniotic fluid in one sac?

My twins are di/di.. but baby A's fluid is nearing the 8 (mm/unit?) mark.. Baby B is around 5. I know I'm asking a little early bc it's not over 8 yet, but every week I get my CL checked & the number has increased a little. Just curious if anyone else has had this happen.. is there anything I can do preventitively? What did your doctor do/tell you?

Any advice/input? I'm not really worrying yet.. I'm just a huge planner and I like to be informed. TIA!

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IUI #2 February - Letrozole, Follistim, Ovidrel: BFP 1st beta-25, 2nd beta-56, 3rd beta-45, miscarriage
IUI #3 April - CD3 U/S 4-10. Letrozole, Follistim, Ovidrel CD11 - Cancelled.. TI w/5 follicles-BFN
IUI #3.1 May - CD3 U/S 5-6, Follistim start 5-11 thru 5-17, u/s 5-18 3 mature w/ a close 4th, IUI 5-20 - BFP!
             Beta #1 12dpo - 164 & progesterone - 89!, Beta #2 16 dpo - 1189, 5w3d - u/s shows TWINS!
             6/19- u/s showed heartbeats! Baby A 111 & Baby B 118, both measuring 6w1d
             7/3- Baby A hb 170, Baby B hb 166 - both measuring perfect.
             7/18 - Baby A 165, Baby B 171 - both measuring right on track & moving all around!


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Re: Anyone have high amniotic fluid in one sac?

  • I was told I did at one appointment. The dr did not seem too concerned but did mention they would keep an eye on it and it posed a slight risK for prom. I dont know what the measurements were. It never came up again and I was induced later for other unrelated complications. Good luck!

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    I have but my Mono/Di twins were diagnosed w TTTS. This is rare only 15% of Mono/Di twins get this. I have had my regular monthly prenatal apts. But i also had to get additional US at the hospital every 3 wks.
    At 17wks they noticed that one twin had a lot more fluid than the other and suspected TTTS (I believe one had .7mm and the other had 10.3 mm of fluid) So since then I have had a procedure done. Part of the procedure was to remove the excess fluid which was a little over 1 liter.

    I am not implying this is your issue , so don't freak out( you have DI/DI) this shouldn't be an issue for you .. Just keep your apts and make sure they monitor you and ask any questions that you may have , so you can have piece of mind.
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  •  At around 20 weeks,  it was discovered that one sac had excess fluid with my mo/di twins.  It was not due to TTTS, it was just a one of those things that can happen with a multiple pregnancy. I was given the steroid injections at 28 weeks as a precaution in case I went into early labor...I didn't.  Towards the end of the pregnancy the level regulated itself and it was no longer an issue.  I ended up making it to my C-section date at 36 weeks and 2 days and delivered two healthy babies. 
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