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My baby bit another baby!

W is 9 months w/ 8 teeth. He has tried to bite us a few times but we always calmly and firmly tell him no. The nanny just texted me and said he bit another little girl on the face this afternoon. Did not break the skin.. but there is pretty big mark. She seems worried what the other mom is going to think (she just started there last week.. W has been there since I returned to work at 4 months).. I feel bad, but at the same time, they are babies. The other kid is the same age as W.. How do I handle this?! Anyone else had their baby be the one doing the biting? Or been on the other side?

Re: My baby bit another baby!

  • Biting is normal, and I second advice about redirecting
  • I agree that it is not a big deal. I would not be concerned if another child bit him... The other mom's response was "please try and keep a better eye on him...". Hopefully next time he will bite another kid.  :))
  • DS has been biting me a lot lately. He's teething. So far, I haven't gotten any complaints from daycare. It's normal for teething babies. I just make sure to have teethers with me at all times.
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