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So, on Saturday I noticed my LO has his first tooth poking through, not sure if this is coincidence or not with the screaming issue that begin the following Monday.  When I say "scream" I mean screaming at the top of his lungs with all his might, no tears, just incessant screaming.  He has also become extremely clingy where he wants me to be near him or holding him at all times.  In addition to the physical changes he is going through, my husband has been away for work and I'm wondering if separation anxiety is coming in to play.

Any words of advice or wisdom?


  • Vodka. All the vodka.

    Seriously, you have my sympathies. My daughter has been like this the past few nights. she has a cold and is pissed about it.
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  • Haha, @monkeybutt61612 said it! Stay strong Mamma:)
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  • My daughter started the screaming thing at four months... It is rough, but she eventually stopped and moved onto other vocalizations (like mmmmm and laughing). Not sure if it is a typical phase, and she doesn't have any teeth yet, but I totally feel ya! ;)
  • Nicholas has been doing this more frequently the past 2 weeks. We went on a mini road trip yesterday and I swear I wanted to throw myself out of the car by the time we got home. Nothing would distract him. Lol.
  • The screaming has become less, however, now it seems to be associated with maybe constipation.  He is grunting and I can feel the strain when he screams now.  Oh, when will I get a break.
  • My LO has been doing this screaming thing for two weeks now, kinda glad to know that she's not the only one that does this, but does anyone one know why?
  • I think it is all about the teeth.  Does she have any or getting any?  Is she having any bowel issues.  My LO had the combo of bowel issues and teething.  Sure enough a week after tooth 1, tooth 2 started coming through.
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