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Potential Allergy?

My LO is 10 months old and we've given her eggs in the past, however today when she ate them she ended up with a rash around her mouth. It disappeared within an hour or so.

Do we stop giving her eggs for a while and re-introduce? Do we just avoid all together and get her tested?

Re: Potential Allergy?

  • Did she eat anything else other than eggs that could've irritated her skin?

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  • She had pancakes, toast, potatoes, and bananas. She has had everything before, including eggs.

    This may sound strange, but the eggs tasted like they were liquid egg, so I'm wondering if it was the concentration of egg.
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  • I would avoid for a bit and then try eggs again, on their own, and maybe do a skin test before you let her eat any. If she still reacts, call her pedi and ask of you should get her tested.

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