Field Trip ideas?

We need something to look forward to all year or we kind of go crazy during winter months. What are some cool field trips you've done? We're touring a fire station tomorrow, and a police station next Wednesday. This Saturday we are going to Art Prize— a Michigan art contest—and I'm counting it as a field trip. And of course, we've done city parks and the zoos nearby, but I'm looking for other different ideas.

I'd love to do a vineyard but around us, that tour is geared towards grownups and tasting wine.
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Re: Field Trip ideas?

  • There is a small chocolate shop a few counties over from us that does tours to teach how chocolate is made and then lets the kids make their own.

    Others I plan on doing with the kids when they are a little older - tour of an old mill, tour of a functioning lock (the kind in a canal), tour of a local limo factory, state capitol, post office, Ohio Caverns, Civil War reenactment, battlefields, Ren Faire, trips to local farms, recycling plant, the dump, tour of the animal shelter - to name a few.

    Plus there are lots of little museums all over the place we'd like to check out.  In Ohio I can think of a bicycle museum, air force museum, Sauder Historic Village, Neil Armstrong museum, and a few others within short driving distance.  Whenever I go to one museum I take all of the brochures on the wall and end up finding a ton of other little sites and places to take the kids to around the area.  I keep all of the brochures in a binder.

    Check out the websites of a lot of the museums. Many of them have homeschool appreciation weeks or days where you get discounted admission.  We went down to Cinci to the Newport Aquarium two weeks ago for their homeschool days and I got in with all four kids for the price of about two normally priced tickets!
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  • Those are great ideas!
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  • Visiting a fire station is a great idea. From my personal experience, I feel kids don't enjoy visiting museums much. However, you could try visiting a post office to teach them how mail works at the post office; a play at a local theater or a performance by an orchestra could also constitute a field trip, albeit of a different kind; or an animal shelter. You'll probably find a lot of the kids wanting to adopt pets thereafter though
  • We have a lot of local farms that will give tours, and once we even went to a friend's house because she has an apple orchard. We picked apples and then made apple recipes at home. 
    Would their dad's work be an interesting place to visit? It might be fun to see where he does during the day. 
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