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Should my toddler DD miss her classmate's party?

DD has asevere egg, soy, tree nuts and soy allegeries; she was invited to her first classmate birthday. What do we do; go and not eat, go and bring our own food or gracefully decline?

Re: Should my toddler DD miss her classmate's party?

  • We always go and bring our own food. I hate for my kid to miss out due to her allergies.
  • Ditto. I bring some safe snacks and a safe cupcake so they don't have to miss out on the fun and socialization.
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  • Thank you for your advice and support.
  • Ditto pp's. We bring our own food and dessert. My DD's also wear their Allermates allergy bracelets to help alert/remind others of their allergies. We also remind our DD's to only eat/drink what we give them. And we watch them like hawks. ;)
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  • We always went! Like others said, I didn't want her to think a food allergy could hold her back or define her! I always kept a stash of cupcakes in the freezer for parties then let her decorate her cupcake however she wanted it before the party!
  • I make the decision on a case by case basis. We don't miss family events - we either eat ahead of time, or bring our own food. We always bring a cupcake for her to eat when the others are eating birthday cake.

    If it's a friend, it depends on how close we are to the family and how close she is to the guest of honor. Sometimes I just don't want to put us all in that situation.

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  • I always go and bring my own cupcake.  Don't want him to miss out on anything because of his allergies. 
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