Question for Disney pros/Orlando area people

We are leaving for Disney on Friday, so naturally I am obsessively checking the weather. Please tell me that this forecast isn't terrible. I haven't really researched any indoor activities. We've never been before, so I'm a little clueless. Thanks

Re: Question for Disney pros/Orlando area people

  • It will probably be rainy on and off. Usually thunderstorms happen in the afternoon. I would bring extra clothes and ponchos or plan to use the afternoon for a rest/nap. It will still be fun!

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  • We are pass holders. We were at Disney the other day and it was raining and I asked one of the cast members at what point do they close the out door rides. He said during lightening. We are at the end of rainy season, so I wouldn't worry too much. Bring a poncho and you should be fine. MK also has a lot of indoor rides.

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  • Lol @cmeon_the_water‌ the forecast has changed every time I've looked at it since we were 10 days out! I'm just so stinkin excited that I want it to be perfect. Only three more days and I can finally tell the kids! They are going to freak!

  • The weatherman in Orlando is a dirty liar! You never really know, but like PP said if it does rain it's not for long.
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