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Wish in-law would listen and not take things so personal!

So my son was on antibiotics...and we all know how that is.  It makes them super poopy.  Well, my mother in law wanted to give him a taste of whip cream, and I was like "sure, just a taste."  Well after the first initial taste, I went and got some food (we were at buffet).  When i came back, MIL had a huge spoonful of whip cream and my babe was happily eating it.  I freaked out and said "okay, thats enough!".  Well, apparently this hurt her feelings and now she thinks that I'm constantly nag her and don't trust her.  Its like hellooooo, i told you he was on meds and just a taste is just a taste!  Anyways, I wish she would understand its nothing personal but geez, listen to what I say.  I guess what I'm trying to say, is how do I make her understand that I'm the decision maker when it comes to my baby?

P.S. This isn't the only time she's pulled this.  Last time she came over to babysit, my husband specifically told her not to add anymore gas drops to his milk, b/c we had already given him some throughout the day.  Well, she decided to do it anyway and replied with "Well I thought it'd be okay".

Re: Wish in-law would listen and not take things so personal!

  • This sounds just like my MIL, but she gets mad and acts like she knows everything. It's really annoying. I am a very sensitive person and hate confrontation, but I have learned that I need to get over that when it comes to my child. My husband and I are the decision makers- NOT her. I just blatantly tell her NO now. I'm not rude, but I'm not a push over anymore either.

    Just stand up to her and say, "I really respect your opinions and advice, but this is what we're going to do (or whatever applies).

    Also, if she goes against your wishes, then she might not get to see her grandchild any longer.
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