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Nursing 19 mo - sudden painful latch. Help!

I've been nursing for like a total of five years of my life and have never had this problem.  I'm currently nursing my 19 month old (#4) and within the last week she has done something to change her latch and it is KILLING me.  For the first time in my life, I actually want to wean a child because nursing is not pleasurable at all.  She has had all of her teeth for a while, but what I'm experiencing is similar to the changes in latch when they get a new tooth.  Something on the top of her mouth is rubbing against my nipple.  And since we co-sleep and she tends to nurse 3-4 times through the night still, I'm waking with sore, red, nearly raw and bloody nipples. 

I've tried explaining to her "No teeth!" and it works for a while, but then I think she gets tired or lazy and they just start rubbing against me. 

I don't know what to do.  I REALLY don't want to wean her yet, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to at least night wean because my poor nipples can't handle the torture anymore. 

I figured this was the board to ask in because there are probably a lot of nursing toddlers.  Help!

Re: Nursing 19 mo - sudden painful latch. Help!

  • Try the BFing board too. I'm sorry you are dealing with this and have no advice :(
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  • So sorry to hear you are going through this. I would love to hear the solution for this as well!

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  • My youngest did this! I ended up losing a piece of nipple and getting an infection. I learned to unlatch him every time and tell him "big mouth only" and model a big open mouth. If it continued, we ended the nursing session. I'd explain, "I love nursing you, but mommy's body is hurting right now. I need a break and we'll try again later." It did mean some tears (in my arms), but that was a needed boundary to allow our nursing relationship to continue and be healthy. We also did partial, gentle night-weaning for several reasons, but one was because of poor latch when sleeping.
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