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What to expect before, during and after a scheduled c section??

I am most likely going to have a scheduled c section around the 27th of this month and I was curious as to what to expect and what some of your experiences were? I'll be talking to my midwife more about it at my appointment tomorrow but I'd still like to ask on here.

Re: What to expect before, during and after a scheduled c section??

  • And I am determined to have skin to skin contact with my daughter after she is born. Have any of you had any issues with your dr not allowing this? I mean unless there's something wrong with her I don't see any reason as to why I shouldn't be allowed to have this.
  • There are several posts about this in the last page or two. I think one is even called what happens during a scheduled c/s.


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    Skin to skin isn't completely practical when you have a CS initially. You are completely covered in blue surgical sheets and they also put a shade up at your shoulder height so you and your partner don't see the actual surgery. However, since it's your first CS, you should be sewn up and in the recovery room within 30 minutes. I was able to have skin-to-skin then, and BF if that is what your desire. The surgery itself is pretty quick. The baby is out within 15 minutes, and it actually takes longer to put you back together. I had spinal blocks with both of mine, which is normal for a scheduled CS. You will feel a lot of pulling/tugging/pressure, but it won't be painful.  Make sure you talk with your anesthesiologist as they can adjust your medication if you begin to feel sick.  The most important thing is to get out of bed and walk when they first allow you to.  The quicker you are up on your feet, the faster/better your recovery.  GL!  ETA:  I looked at the other link, and just wanted to add that I was never knocked out, and for us, the baby stayed with us the whole time.  She was weighed right in the operating room. DH was able to hold LO right up to my face the whole time they were sewing me up.  We all stayed together as a family until I was wheeled into recovery across the hall.  The nurses were really nice and took a family pic for us while I was still on the table (just faces of course!)

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  • As PP stated skin to skin won't be possible until after your in recovery. I know with both my boys they were wrapped up when I saw them the first time. The OR seemed to be really crowded. You will receive a spinal block which isn't bad and wears off about 2-3 hours afterward. Moving is key! If you don't move you feel horrible! Learned that the first time! Lots of tugging and pressure when they are getting the baby out. But it was quick and easy on my body. Good luck
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  • Our recovery room was right off the or so I got to nurse right after they were done sewing me up which only took a couple minutes. I always wanted my catheter out as soon as possible and wanted to be up and moving. With my last pregnancy I kept the catheter in for 24 hours and it was great bc I didn't have to get up to go to the bathroom. I must be getting lazier with each one. This will be my fourth c section. The constipation from the pain mess is the worst part for me!!!!!
  • Everyone is different .I had my first cs in July of this year and the spinal was great once they got it in .It was kind of a pain trying to get me all numb and like PP said getting put back together takes the longest.Baby girl was out within 10 mins it seemed like forever before they finally showed me her, I could hear her screaming and people talking and when they finally held her over me to see ,some blood dripped on my face from her and I didn't really get a good look at her. Once I was in recovery I had insisted on being the first person to hold her but due to my GD she had to be fed right away and I was just so out of it I let my partner hold and feed her first It was about 20 mins after being in recovery that I finally felt alert enough to hold her and even then I still wanted someone close by just in case.Before the cs all I wanted was water I was sooooo thirsty and that shot they make you drink right before doesn't help. When I finally got in my room I was able to drink but take very little sips I was so nauseous I started throwing up I was so thirsty but yet afraid to drink cause I didn't want to keep throwing up.The day after cs at 6am the nurse came and got me up took cath out and I was able to walk very slowly I was breastfeeding so even though they said it was ok I refused pain meds except motrin until my 3rd day when I was released because I knew car ride would be long and hard to deal with so i took the percocet. When i was home I healed nicely and recovered fast the only down side was the few weeks I was stuck sleeping in more position on my back slightly elevated.Hope this helps at least prepare you.Good luck :) and like I said everyones c sections are different.
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  • Thank you ladies! Made me feel a lot better about things and yeah I asked my midwife when I saw her n she said at our hospital we can't do immediate skin to skin. I'm disappointed about that but I understand why and she said it'll take probably 45 minutes to stitch me up I'm just not looking forward to waiting that long to hold her lol
  • I know other people have posted this but I cannot stress enough how important it is to get up and walk as soon as they tell you you can. Don't over do it and ask for as much help as you need getting in and out of bed. Ask for as much help as you need with anything.
    I made the mistake of not eating with the pain medicine and got nauseous which is the last thing you want right after abdominal surgery.
    Also, the time it takes to stitch you up doesn't seem that long when you're in there, at least it didn't to me.
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  • During is really odd, almost out of body experience..or at least it was for me. You will feel lots of pressure. It doesn't exactly hurt but it's pretty uncomfortable. Because of all that's going on, waiting to hold LO didn't see that long. They took her off with DH and finished stitching me up and then I was wheeled over to recovery where I got to hold and breastfeed as much as I wanted. 

    The recovery was a bitch for me, one of the most painful things I've ever gone through. They did make me get up and start walking as soon as I was able to. It's uncomfortable but it does help healing move along. Laughing and gas are the worst! So painful. I'd advise people visiting to try to not make you laugh hah

    Good luck! A scheduled c-section is definitely better than an emergency one :) 
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  • Make sure you invest in one of those belly bands for after c-section. Mine was emergency so of course did not plan for one. I think it would have really helped with the pain! 

    You may not want to see, but DH took pictures of the whole process.. my opened up guts and all. Not so neat to see the guts, but getting to see W being BORN is truly priceless. So glad he had the mindset to do so. Make sure your SO takes a phone/camera in for pictures at least of baby afterwards.. The nurse was nice enough to get pics of him cutting the cord too :) Good luck!

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