So over this day!

Just need to vent ladies...
My 2 year old has really been settling in to the terrible 2's quite nicely. He's yelling "no" at me all the time, throwing tantrums that drag on forever, refused to touch his dinner tonight, he bit my shoulder as I was putting him down for his nap...need I go on?!
Then you have my husband who for the most part is a pretty understanding & helpful partner....but holy sh#t is he sensitive! I swear, if I say the littlest thing in slightly the wrong tone he's gone all pissy on me & won't talk to me. It's so annoying. Oh & he is expecting me to take a 5 hour flight over Thanksgiving when I will be 24 weeks along. I already told him forget it & he is being so NOT understanding about it. I'm over this dayyyyyy.....
Ok, done, thanks for reading!

Re: So over this day!

  • Hope today is better. I got lucky, my daughter skipped the terrible 2 and tyrannical 3 stages.
  • A 5 hour flight with a 2 year old and 24 weeks pregnant? Yikes! Hopefully he understands where you're coming from once he calms down a little.  My DH can get sensitive like that too and it's annoying. Sorry it was a rough day!
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  • Thanks ladies! I'm just trying to push through one day at a time. :)
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