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Dying hair in first trimester

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I have a question. I've heard both sides but would like some opinions from moms to be. Would you or have you dyed or colored your hair while pregnant? I've heard there's no proof either way as to whether it could harm baby. Please be respectful of each other. I'm just trying to decide if I should touch up or not. I'm 5 weeks 2 days.

Re: Dying hair in first trimester

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  • OP I guess you didn't get any answers because you were so demanding...LOL (j/k). My Dr. told me not to even after my IUI, so I didn't until after I got my BFN. I don't know if my Dr. is conservative or not, but personally I would wait until you're done with your first trimester. Why risk it? There are some great touch up kits out there for grey hair at Sephora. My favorite is the Rita Haazan touch up spray, it works like a charm and comes in like 5 different colors. I also just bought one at Whole Foods that looks like a mascara wand. Is your issue gray hairs or needing blonde touched up? I've heard having highlights is not as bad, because they can keep it off of your scalp.
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  • I was told after the first trimester was safer and not to bleach but highlight if you MUST do your hair. 
  • I did during both pregnancies. My doctor gave the green light.
  • I did and my baby turned out fine. He is almost five now and not a single thing wrong so I assume it's safe. I asked my ob and my stylist first and got the ok before I did it.
  • Licensed cosmetologist here and also pregnant. Hair dye doesn't absorb into your scalp so unless you're in a closet sniffing hair dye you should be fine. Most hair color is ammonia free now and the active ingredient that either lifts or deposits color on your hair is hydrogen peroxide which is common in the household. If you're worried that your hair will somehow suck it into your body like a straw, I will let you know that your hair is dead. All of he hair on your body is made from dead skin cells being repurposed. I'm not a doctor so in order to be safe I would ask your physician.
  • I had the green light from my stylist and doctor to dye my hair whenever. I did choose to wait till after the first trimester---mainly because I always felt like crap and kept getting nauseated by strong smells. I was worried the dye would make me nauseated. I colored my hair around 16 weeks and again around 37 weeks. DS is two happy healthy and smart as can be.
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  • Im a licensed stylist almost 20 years....its totally safe.
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