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Spinal question

I'm having a scheduled csection tomorrow morning at 9. My first csection was emergency with dd ending up in NICU for 3 days. I had an epidural with that one but for this ill be having a spinal. I would love a couple different perspectives on the different experiences between the two. The epidural made me really sick and recovery was long. I read one lady's story that the spinal makes your whole body numb up through the shoulders? Give me the lowdown!

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  • I've never had an epi but the spinal did not make my whole body numb. I was numb from mid chest to mid thigh.


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  • The spinal made me completely numb from my shoulders to my toes.
  • RayRay007 said:
    I've never had an epi but the spinal did not make my whole body numb. I was numb from mid chest to mid thigh.
    This.  With both my spinals I was able to feel/move my arms but was numb everywhere below my chest.
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  • I had an epi with my first and a spinal with my second.  I honestly don't remember them feeling that different.  That said I didn't have a problem with either.  I hope the spinal won't make you sick.  They can always give you something for nausea.  Good luck!
  • I too am having my c section at 9:30 in the morning. This will be my fourth c section. My first baby was vaginal so I have experience with both epi and spinal. I've heard of people rarely getting a headache with a spinal, but it's very rare. If your anesthesiologist is competent, and they usually are, you'll be fine. You'll be basically paralyzed while its in, but right before they remove it they should give you a shot of morphine or some other pain killer. It makes the process of the feeling returning less intense and less painful. It doesn't take long to regain feeling and you shouldn't get sick. You should definitely mention your other experience to the anesthesiologist though, they can be watching for an adverse reaction and take precautions. Good luck tomorrow, I will literally be right there with you.
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